This is a combination of the British Parliamentary and Australian formats, designed to meet the needs of the tournament. These will The World Schools Format, commonly referred to as WSDC is one of the biggest debate formats in the world.It is used in both Sweden's high school debate community and globally at international debate tournaments such as the World Schools Debating Championships. Motions & Preparation Time Prepared vs. impromptu (un-prepared) In Worlds’ Schools’ format you can either receive a prepared or impromptu (un-prepared) motion. THBT the West should replace Saudi Arabia with Iran as its primary partner in the Middle East Newsletter 3 (April 2016) NEW! 19th – 29th July 2016 Official website Official Facebook page Schedule Newsletter #1 (2 Nov 2015) CAP application (closed) NEW! Each debate comprises a total of eight speeches delivered by two three-member teams (the Proposition and the Opposition). Eko Atlantic,Tatu City,Hope City,Cite le Flueve) However, in recent years it has sometimes fallen to the Secretary of the WSDC Executice Committee to announce the motions to the world on behalf of the Convenor. Format. Prep Motions for WSDC Tournament in Ljutomer March 2016 Here are prepared motions for the 13th International Worlds Schools Debate Tournament Ljutomer, Slovenia 2nd - 6th of March 2016: THBT class is more important than race. Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition congratulates Hong Kong Team members and coaches on their very high standard of performance. In July 2016 at the World Schools Debating Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, the Hong Kong National Debating Team reached its highest level ever, 4th in the world in a field of 53 national teams. Date Tournament Round Motion; 2020-10-07 : Debate for Donation Open : 1 : THW embrace the rise of private cities (i.e. ECO Open WSDC Tallinn 2016; 13th International Debate Academy Slovenia 2015; Huber Debates, Vermont 2015; SOAS IV 2015; Prep Motions for WSDC Tournament in Ljutomer March 2016; Odessa Open 2015; Edinburgh Cup 2015; UCD IV 2015; King’s College London IV 2015; Australs July 2014 Newsletter 3: amendments NEW! Information about tours... Read more » A prepared motion is one in which you have been given the motion and side you are debating on in advance of the day. World Schools Debating Championship debates use a special format known as 'World Schools Style Debating'. MOTIONS R1 (Prepared): THBT athletes who have committed crimes should be permanently banned from pro sport R2 (Impromptu) : THBT […] Uncategorized 15 Senior HKSDC The Motions Committee will supply the motions to the Convenor, who is responsible for informing all teams of the prepared motions 8 weeks beforehand (see Rule 17(e) and (f)).

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