My mini sounds so good now that it will surely make appearances at gigs from time to time. I will modify it with a Dremel when I change the strings so individual strings can be changed.I hope.. Setup FAQ: Setting up for Dropped Tunings. On your regular Strat bridge or tun-o-matic, we can individually set each string saddle to the optimal location for that string’s intonation. In Stock . I had bought this little Gibson LP Jr and I loved the feel of it, but no matter what I did it sounded out of tune. No matter how far it was adjusted it could not be properly intonated. Get them correct first. At least my intonation is good. As a result the string tension pulls the bridge into a slanted orientation. Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece. The PRS bridge is probably the most recognisable of these pre-intonated models. On sale $10.16. If the 12th fret note is flat, the string must be 'shortened' by moving the bridge forward a little. It might take a few minutes to come through so, don't worry if it's not there immediately. Rock solid wraparound bridge solution. You see, good coupling between bridge and body is a big part of good guitar tone. Again, start with the outside strings and then check the others. Sale. Not only does it have 6 separately adjustable saddle pieces but the mounting slot is much longer than an original wraparound bridge making the entire unit quickly adjustable. Measure the distance between the guitar body and the top surface of the bottom flange of each stud that holds your … Choose your file size as you would when slotting a nut: use the same gauge as the string, or a few thousandths larger. I had a set up done and even thought it was my Kung Fu grip on the frets that was causing the issue. It seems like all of these wrap around bridges have a sloppy fit over the posts. you want to the HIGH E saddle to match up exactly where it's supposed to intonate, and the adjust the bass side from there. I have plugged the old holes and now I am about to drill the new holes but, I dont know the distance between the nut and the wraparound piece. But they do have their drawbacks—they're hard to intonate and even harder to … I myself have always preferred adjustable saddles too, but this PRS was the first wraparound I've ever owned and it's … This gives you an advantage over the straight line of the simplest of these bridges. With one of these wrapovers, there’s nothing else. Setting Intonation on a Wrapover or Stop-Tailpiece Bridge (Including PRS), You are signing up for my email newsletter so the understanding that you'll receive emails is pretty explicit. Positioning the bridge Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator.. Important: Before starting to install the tune-o-matic bridge posts (or bushings) make sure the neck and fretboard are in their final positions. Of course, on a wrapover tailpiece bridge, you can’t do each string individually. It was much taller than required and the action is just barely in a useable range with it adjusted as low as it goes.It is also impossible to change one string without loosening or removing them all. Hi Can anyone help me with the measurement/placement of the wraparound tailpiece on my 54 conversion? Thanks StewMac!!! Intonable Wrapover bridge - individual saddles can be adjusted for each strin, This article written by Gerry Hayes and first published at, Tagged: diy, how to, how-to, setup, intonation, guitar, prs, gibson, wrapover, maintenance, wraparound, diy-intonation. If you’re not familiar with these, imagine the tailpiece where the strings anchor on a Les Paul. The rest of your setup must be right for you before you start. You can get wrapover bridges that have adjustable saddles built in. The bridge must now be aligned between the two fretboard lines; you can easily do this by eye, use a ruler or better yet, place a string along the treble E and bass E paths and align the bridge that way. Intonation was lacking on my Epi LP Junior. I read another user's review recommending a .5 mm neck shim to correct for the increased height of this particular bridge. Very greatful for the help. Not much to get in the way of tasty tone. From there, you can tweak the overall angle a little to ‘balance up’ the intonation so that no one string is too far out. Tone pros posts are the other fix for this, reportedly. Essentially, the overall angle of the bridge can be changed and this can be used to approximate a good intonation. I don't do spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. Check your inbox for an email for me—you'll need to confirm your subscription there. Check out these other great articles…, Setting Intonation on a Jaguar, Jazzmaster, or Mustang, Haze Guitars, 54 Rossberry Avenue, Lucan, Ireland, Revisiting Brian May - intonation and ‘offset’ zero fret. Adusting the screw on either the bass or treble side can change the angle the bridge mounts at. Thanks a lot. One day out of the blue I checked Stewmac and they had a completely adjustable wraparound bridge that fit my mini perfectly for a great price. The intonation line provides a ‘good for most people’ intonation by replicating the stagger of a properly intonated guitar. I do like this adjustable bridge but, it is a little too thick and I can’t get the string action low enough.

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