A self-described "big weather and music geek," Matt has a passion for helping to keep people safe when severe weather strikes and says if you don't have a NOAA Weather Radio ... you should get one. Simon Toogood in Tasmania – an island south of the Australian mainland – told us that stormy weather and shelf clouds like these are common in his part of the world, too. During the cool season derechos are most likely to occur from eastern Texas into the southeastern states. From various descriptions and knowledge of the meteorological environments involved, it appears that some of these storms may be progressive derechos. Image via Matt Mitchell. 4) In the storm reported areas, at least three reports, separated by 39.8 miles (64 km) or more, should include wind gusts greater than 64 knots, or 74 mph (119 kph). They … National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. During mid-summer when a hot and muggy air mass covers the north-central U.S., they will often develop farther north into Manitoba or Northwestern Ontario, sometimes well north of the Canada–US border. Even if you’re not a weather buff, chances are you’ve heard the terms squall line or possibly bow echo. Evolution of a bow echo/derecho. They generally affect states east of the Rocky Mountains. Derechos can consist of bow echos (which are shaped like an archer’s bow) or a squall line that tends to bow. On July 10, 2002, a serial derecho occurred over eastern Germany and adjacent portions of neighboring European countries. Monster sunspot AR2786 swings into better view. The image (left) shows in the air pressure pattern at an approximate altitude of 18,000 feet (5,500 meters). Also consider that outflow from strong thunderstorms may send the storm’s strongest winds before the thunderstorm – with its heavy rain, lightning or hail – actually hits you. In weather systems that have this shape, winds become stronger ahead of the system and can affect a large area with wind damage. How does a derecho develop? The other 30% occur during the cool season. These windstorms tend to form in the late spring and summer. They occur between the upstream trough and downstream ridge (image left). The winds head eastwards towards the equator where there is a warm sector. Approximately 40% of all derechos are of the serial type. The wind follows the thin black lines from west to east (clockwise around the "high"). 70% of all derechos occur during these four months. Approximately 40% of all derechos are of the serial type. Questions? They can produce significant damage to … It is the cold pool and the winds ahead of the system that begin to strengthen and straight line winds become more of an issue. In boats, the vessels overturned due to the high winds and the occupants drowned. In Berlin and surrounding areas, 8 people were killed and 39 were injured, mainly from falling trees. Anyone living east of the U.S. Rocky Mountains can see derecho events, particularly in the spring and summer months. One axis extends along the "Corn Belt" from the upper Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley. The image (left) shows in the air pressure pattern at an … The derecho initially starts as a cluster of storms that forms a squall line. A shelf cloud in Alabama. These systems are also called mesoscale convective systems, or MCSs. In fact, a derecho’s path of damage is at least 240 miles long. Wind damage is typically directed into one direction and can create its vast damage along a relatively straight path. Formation of Derecho Storms. In this post, we’ll look at how a derecho is formed, and where they occur. Shelf cloud bringing rain on Ormond Beach, Florida, on June 1, 2018, via Rita Addison. Bottom line: Derechos are very powerful, destructive wind storms that typically occur during the warm late spring and summer months. If you hear one is coming, consider taking shelter immediately, as falling trees and power lines may be likely. People can also experience derechos across the U.S. Southeast, the Great Lakes region, and the Ohio River Valley. Interior Highlands most commonly from Oklahoma and across the Ohio Valley. Serial derechos, while not rare in the warm season, are primarily cool season events. Well-defined and photogenic shelf clouds like these tend to occur with derechos. In other parts of the world – for example, parts of Europe and India – derechos are fairly rare events. Also, derechos tend to occur in families or groups. Who typically sees derechos and how common are they? With this is mind, derechos are serious storms. Of course, for it to be classified as a derecho, it has to meet the above-mentioned criteria. Derechos might include microbursts, downbursts and downburst clusters. If you have, you are feeling the outflow winds from the storm. 2) The area must have a major axis length of 248.5 miles (400 km). Derechos happen when the right conditions for downbursts occur over a wide area. During this time of year, derechos are mostly found in the Midwestern United States and the U.S. As the storm grows in size, it forms what are known as bow echoes—large curved packs of thunderstorms that race forward in one direction. Progressive derechos are generally only warm season events and are found moving over the north side of upper atmosphere high pressure ridges (image below). Fair officials knew a storm was coming, but it had not arrived yet. Where derechos are likely to occur NOAA SPC website/Dennis Cain NOAA defines a derecho as, “(pronounced similar to "deh-REY-cho" in English, or pronounced phonetically as "") a … The year 2012 saw multiple powerful derechos in the U.S. Here’s the shelf cloud from the developing derecho in Chicago on June 29, 2012. Derechos likely occur in other areas of the world where meteorological conditions are favorable for their development. In meteorology, we say they move "over the top" of the ridge. Only 15 minutes after that decision – before the evacuation was announced – a wind gust (possibly a gustnado) hit the stage structure, causing it to collapse.

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