Rayon Challis (pronounced sha-lee, not chal-iss as I pronounce it in my head as I type it out) is this sorta natural, sorta synthetic fabric made from cellulose fibers (bark, wood, leaves, you get the idea, but usually made from wood pulp). Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer. Makes me want to make a top with it now. Challis is lightweight with a drapey feel with an ever so slight brushed finish. And not easy. But I did ask my husband for a bundle of it for Christmas so my fingers are crossed that I'll get it then. - kuponko.sikuponi, Hi Anna Marie, just found your blog as I have been looking for a fabric to try and make a top, I am a novice and was wandering which is the best web site to get rayon challis fabric from, there are so many so unsure as I am a novice and only just started sewingSue. Rosa it's the viscose that is NOT machine washable and the hwm rayon (mine) that IS washable. Will you be having any rayon specific patterns coming out? Do you think this fabric would be good in quilts as well? What do you like to make with it? I'm excited! Your email address will not be published. This article was very informative to the differences between Voile and Rayon Challis. View as Grid List. Yippee!Much love to you, Anna Maria!xxx AchaiaPS - I've already dug into the Needleworks book I got from you at Market, and am already using one of the florals for a project of mine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Buy extra yardage to allow for shrinkage. I know that both Fabric.com and Hawthorne Supply Co have a largish array of rayon challis. It dries pretty quickly. You know, Anna Maria, I don't even have the Field Study quilting cottons yet (hanging my head in shame). Appreciated. Love! Over here in Finland all kinds of rayon is nowadays sold as viscose, and it's definitely machine washable? So exciting!! In all the pictures, the rayon challis fabric is on the left and the viscose poplin fabric is on the right. and the stuf you are n't supposed to get wet? Just asking :) --Becky C. (p.s. This results in really rich, deeply colored fabrics that look expensive but aren’t. Sometimes I miss 'em. Rayon Fabrics; Rayon Challis; Rayon Challis. A certain someone may or may not have washed Cotton + Steel with no problems but that certain person will neither confirm nor deny such accusations. 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All images, text, and content on this site are the sole property of Anna Maria Horner and may not be used, copied or transmitted without the express consent of Anna Maria Horner. Do you enjoy working with rayon challis? Love the butterfly fabric. I’m working on a series of posts about what fabrics I like and what my favorite fabrics are used for. My serger is already waiting! If I want to look extra put together that day (because sometimes I need all the help in that department; I work from home-my work uniform consists of pjs) I will iron on medium. Not that quilting cotton isn't garment friendly, but its not as interesting or lovely as rayon or voile. Once you do, you could be hooked! Even some of my most coveted Cotton + Steel rayons are only in the $14-16/yd range. ), yay! One last thing: is is exhausting being so awesome all the time? I do want an outfit in each of the fabrics, by the way. I don't buy anything requiring dry cleaning any more. Duh, right? Unless you plan on dry cleaning your finished garment, … Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. Did you say also that there will be Velveteen's in this line?? they are gorgeous!!! Challis can also be made from fibers like wool and silk but, for the sake of keeping things on point and not tangent-y, I’ll only talk about the rayon version here. Rayon challis is used in all those drapey sundresses you see at the mall and in a ton of beautiful blouses. The walls are Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams. That said, I’ve noticed rayon batiste available but something tells me this does not drape as well as rayon challis. Thank you very muchSunshine. I found an awesome pattern while I was out shopping yesterday, and it calls for rayon challis, so I CAN'T wait to get some to make a dress up!! But if its a life or death situation, you know, like a paint color, email me amATannamariahornerDOTcom. I can not wait to work with them...I've been dreaming about them since I saw them in your studio at Needlworks weekend. Lindsey vlogs with her sewing bestie, Abbey, at Inside The Hem. In other words, do I need my Spanx for a rayon challis dress? It’s considered a natural fabric because according to manufacturing terms, rayon is “a fiber formed by regenerating natural materials into a usable form.” But uses the natural polymers from the wood pulp and is highly processed, giving it that “sorta synthetic” label in my book. But here you go adding to my wish list! Rayon Challis is a good choice for morning dresses and flowy skirts. Once your garment is done, you can wash in warm or cold and hang to dry. Being mainly a garment sewer, I love seeing your designs take on more and more garment friendly fabrics. TADA! I've grown so much as a sewist over this year, particularly in the area of garment sewing. I can't wait to get my hands on some. You're currently reading page 1; ?They are so pretty and I am always looking for beautiful fabrics to sew clothing with. I'm just thrilled to be able to learn more about this particular fiber. So glad you are adding this fabric choice to your line ~ quilting cottons don't always translate as well as I would like to garments. I need something "Girls Gone Child" for the windows with the layers of whites. If you have questions related to a post, asking in the comments section a the perfect thing to do, and I try as best as I can to answer you in the comments section too. Items 1-36 of 71. First things first: always prewash. It’s harder to work with than, say a quilting cotton that sort of “sticks” to other layers when you stack them, but definitely better than something like a silk chiffon.

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