", "The key to the success with working with 24Slides has been the designers’ Establish credibility and thought leadership, Amplify your efforts (especially if you’re co-hosting), Save you a ton of time throughout the planning process, Give you a plug-and-play webinar framework — just tailor the content to your business, Keep you organized throughout the webinar creation process, Help you develop your email marketing strategy, Add a new dimension to your lead generation strategy, Give you a new channel for your content strategy, Level the playing field — executing a high quality webinar doesn’t have to be exclusive to bigger brands, A webinar description to let your contacts know what to expect, Registration details including the time and date of the webinar, A link to add the event to the attendee’s calendar, Deliver the webinar recording to your registrants, Encourage your webinar contacts to move forward with a clear call-to-action (CTA), Invite your contacts to attend future webinars or events, Add more value by including additional relevant resources around the topic, Build a relationship with your new contacts. Since we're giving you all you need to know about webinars, we can't leave out the best webinar tools currently available. How do you let your contacts know you received their webinar registration? Keep it focused. Realize that registrants may come from all over the country or even the world, so be sure to clearly state the time zone. This Webinar Banner Templates Pack has more than 20 designs you can use for webinar promotion. You copy your favorite one, and you can register to Automizy and benefit from our already built email templates for webinars. You’ve done the promotion, you’ve sent your reminders, and your script might as well win an award. only send you information that we think will supercharge your presentation design Online Training Course Templates - 100+ professionally created online training course templates to help you create courses in minutes. They are the right size for headers and homepage sliders. That’s why we promise never to share your email address with anyone else. seconds! download. 24Slides is trusted by thousands of individuals and companies Look at these examples: Either as a banner on your website or as part of your homepage slider, don’t forget to make your webinar flyer clickable! Web seminars are online events held through a web conferencing platform and have proven to be effective marketing tools for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. our side and the visual presentation is everything. A collection of courses around webinar strategy and growth tactics from “Getting Started” to “Growing your Attendance” and everything in between. Here are some results from a recent ActiveCampaign webinar: That’s where we come in. Here’s how to do that: Remember the 80-20 rule. Ultimately, your job is to deliver on what you promised. understanding of PowerPoint, our Marketing team has a partner in 24Slides that allows us to Here’s a robust, post-webinar survey used by one of our clients that serves as a great template for follow-up. Stay top-of-inbox with these post-webinar follow-up emails! Our corporate solutions are designed for teams producing more 18 Free Ebook Templates Ebook creation can be overwhelming. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. team or company. Each email includes a link to add the event to their calendar, as well as a way to ask questions before the webinar. If you’re thinking of promoting your webinar on social media, this templates pack has the right slides to use as webinar ads. Webinars are very convenient for students, since they can follow it from home without having to attend on-site classes. Please enter a valid email address to continue. All you have to do is import the recipes into your ActiveCampaign account, customize automation timing to your liking, and tailor the email templates to reflect your branding and event! Take your expertise online with these free plug-and-play webinar templates. We use cookies so we can give you the best website experience possible and to provide us with anonymous data so we can improve our marketing efforts. It’s that easy! This way, you won’t panic because you realize the microphone’s audio levels are non-existent. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES, "24Slides helps us get PowerPoints on-brand, and improve overall design in a Thank them for attending, and recap the content and insights from the event. Sign up in The tools. The typical webinar template looks like this: Inspirational story. Keep in mind that most of these case studies are from the content marketing space, but can be easily adapted to other webinar formats. There are also webinar flyers you can use as banners for your website. Start by welcoming people who are showing up live and creating engagement and excitement by asking where … No credit card, no setup, no hassle. Start your free trial! Get your presentation custom designed by us, starting at just $10 per These slides give you a framework to improve your webinar content while providing strong visual aids to your attendees. Let them know they’ll receive another email from you in the near future with their own recording of the webinar. deliver at a high quality and provide a dedicated design team that always tries to Organizing and executing a successful webinar is a lot of work, and can be intimidating. What do you put in a webinar presentation? We’ve just sent you a link to
 . To find out more we could set up presentation support for your The webinar reminder sequence is a series of 3 emails, each telling your contacts when the webinar is and how to attend. Today’s the day. The webinar banner template pack comes with more than 20 designs (Scroll until the end to find the download link), you just need to choose the one that fits your website style better. Things come up, people get sidetracked, and appointments fall through. our wishes in terms of design and deadlines.". In these templates you will be able to showcase from one to four webinar speakers alongside a photo, and a short description. ...wait, did we forget to book a room to host this thing?! ... For example, a webinar about content marketing would be a broad and vague topic to discuss in a webinar. The best part of doing webinars is that you can cover any kind of topic. How do you make the most of their high energy (and your momentum) while you’re top-of-mind? This free webinar email template includes: This webinar email template helps increase webinar attendance and provides a positive experience for the registrant. Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs). and delivery. The free pack of resources includes templated slide decks, pre- and post-event emails, and 32+ point checklists to make sure you can run everything smoothly.

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