You'll learn about new places, have a new notch under your belt, and will get a chance to convince the locals there how awesome you can be. That way, people will be overwhelmed by your awesomeness before they have time to question it. That's huge! There are a lot of ways to be awesome, so don't treat what you are about to read as the only way to be awesome. After they have used the loan, you get the money back. Help, listen, … While you're practicing your talent, find ways to motivate yourself. Once in a blue moon, people will start developing a talent and have instant success. Ask other magicians for help; reach out to actors for techniques; attend basketball camps to develop your skills. There’s a big difference between being honest and being a you-know-what who says what she wants to hurt others while telling herself she’s honest to feel better. Try going someplace close you've never been. this article about discovering your talents,,,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. … Volunteer as a teacher. Instead, focus on the things that will make you awesome, like developing a way to convert certain recyclables into bio-diesel, or learning how to play pool with hockey pucks on ice. But you can start doing new things or changing interests. Thanks! Consider these examples of great wordplay: Use physical comedy to get laughter. You are someone who can always be depended on when people need you, for whatever reason. Hold onto your patience and remember that not every kid learns material the same way! If you're happy, positive, responsible, and mature, kids will be happy just to hang out with you. Not only will this help you shake off your mistakes more easily, it will help you develop a more selfless, humble attitude. Awesome people are the kind of people who think trying new things is mandatory. – how about an article that gives you ideas on how to become a more awesome person in general. References. Don't go around bragging about how awesome you are. Reward yourself with free time, a snack, or that new video game after you've achieved what you wanted to achieve. Don’t let people down. Make it a reality. Try not to focus on "being awesome." Don't be afraid to dream big when practicing your talent. Being adventurous can also mean taking a, Don't be afraid to break away from the pack if it's what you want to do. Love yourself. It is great if you do have a good taste of music. Send the flowers, buy the card or surprise a friend with a chocolate bar just because you felt like that person needed it or you remembered their birthday. While that’s all well and good – because who doesn’t want to be healthier, happier or more successful? Be yourself. There are so many ways you can live a better life, a healthier life, a happier life or a more successful life, and there are thousands of advice columns directing you exactly how. Be yourself! We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. This article has been viewed 378,219 times. One of the best ways to be a more awesome person is to be a better friend. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 378,219 times. Seems simple, right? Carve out time just to hang out. Use it, but don't abuse it. Some people genuinely don't care about fashion, clothes, or accessories. Embrace it and love it. Be a mentor to a kid. Get connected through your local church group. Do random acts of kindness. Perspective. Understand what other people get out of being a mentor. You'll learn a whole lot more about yourself the more you participate. You might think that your mentor's advice is a little off the mark, but try it before you dismiss it. It also makes people want to live up to your expectations, which leads to fewer disappointments and more fulfilling relationships. One of the easiest ways to be a great person is to simply be kind and compassionate. Sometimes, having no style is as much of a statement. Treating others as they deserve to be treated: with kindness and respect, unless they are not deserving (aka..not being awesome) Continue growing, learning, evolving, and participating in the world, helping to make a … The most awesome people are the ones who know they’re not perfect and embrace their flaws. For us mortals, it usually takes a while for that talent to develop. Read on to find out 15 ways you can be more awesome. Lots of people celebrate that because those people are usually absorbed in other things. Respect them by taking their advice very seriously. Do not try to become someone you are not, because while you might gain others' admiration, you might lose self-respect which is worse. In other words, be awesome because YOU want to, not because you feel you have to seem awesome to others. % of people told us that this article helped them. You are willing to literally give the shirt off your back if you can afford to, and if it means that it will make someone else happy. Try new things and be creative! Whether you want to run through the sprinklers or play an intense game of Go Fish instead of poker, just be silly. Get good friends! be awesome, life advice 12 Comments. Don't give out many free things to other people, or else people will only think you're awesome because you give them stuff. Ambition. Physical comedy can include. Never ever copy someone that people already enjoy. For more tips on developing your talents and personality, read on! Stories make us feel human, and so someone who can tell a great yarn delights us. Sometimes, an awesome person will be adventurous by following his/her heart and set out on their own, against the advice of other people. Smile everyday: Some doctors suggest that if a person tries to laugh or smile every day without fail, … For any reason, just be thoughtful. Not true awesomeness. You can tell the forest from the trees; you know that the simple things in life — friends, family, love, health — are too often the most overlooked. Learn the basics of storytelling to feel even more awesome than you already are. Set Big, Daring, Audacious Goals. If you're part of a community of believers, ask members of your church if they know how you might get involved in charity work. Although your goals are lofty, you would never step over someone to achieve them. If you have at least some common sense, and are willing to try new things, you can do it! Learn to speak a foreign language. That's part of what keeps you going. Help, listen, advise or just be there for the people you love the most. Dance in your living room. You can be successful or healthy all you want, but if you’re not awesome, what’s the point? For more tips on developing your talents and personality, read on! Other things to try include writing for the university student newspaper/magazine, doing university radio, joining the university's drama society and being involved in plays and rallying students if there is something to protest about.

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