If you are sponsored by your government, your company, and/or a non-profit agency or institution, you must submit your financial guarantee or support letter to: pay-international@usc.edu on or before the first day of your program. International Students. For more information, call USC Student Health at (213) 740-WELL (9355). USC Tuition Costs. Graduate Assistants. You will need to provide financial documentation to cover the estimated tuition and fees for your academic program, as well as the estimated living expenses for two semesters of study. Details can be found on USC Student Financial Service’s Methods of Payment page. As an international student at USC, you are required to submit documentation proving that you have enough funding to support your first two semesters of study. At USC, an international student is an individual of foreign nationality who will be entering, or has already entered, the United States with a student visa. You can also Check Your Account Balance through the On-line Academic Student Information System (OASIS). In the 2019 - 2020 academic year, full time students at USC were billed $58,133, before corrections for financial need. With its global outlook and location in a proudly multicultural city, USC offers a warm welcome to international students. USC students may pay their tuition and fees online, via wire transfer or using a payment plan. Students who take more units will be charged a per-unit amount. *Updated the answer with more relevant data The ballpark estimate for an Indian Student for a Masters’ program would be anywhere between ₹49,50,000 and ₹78,65,000. Fee information for existing international students only. Any increase in tuition fees from one calendar year to the next will be no more than 7%. The fee you must pay for a given teaching period is that which has been approved by USC for the calendar year in which the teaching period commences. If you take more than 12 units and would like to request an increase to your estimated Cost of Attendance, contact the Financial Aid Office. $57,256 was the price of tuition. Tuition fees are reviewed each calendar year. Citizens of more than 130 countries comprise 17 percent of the university's student body. Their assistantship award must show in the student financial detail system. Students already residing in the United States and holding other non-immigrant visas (for instance, an E2, H2, or L2) are also considered international students. *The tuition amount is based on 12 units of tuition. Graduate assistants with a .25 award or higher and PhD students may be eligible to have USC pay for the USC student health plan and the USC Student Health fee. $877 was fees.Find out more about the net price.. In contrast to state schools, USC doesn't offer discounted fees and tuition to residents of the state.

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