undigested food in LO's poop - Page 2: DD is pretty well puree free these days. Quite a bit and some larger chunks. So we can cover this briefly to put all of our overactive parent minds to rest. As a pediatric gastroenterologist, I'm asked frequently, and people bring their child into our office, because they are concerned that their toddler is passing what looks like undigested food into their stool. If this is the situation, give it some time (about a day) and pay close attention to the child’s bowel movements. Unlike nasal mucus, this is black or dark brown in color due to its being mixed with the toxins that are being expelled during normal bowel function. We were kind of wondering if she ate the entire banana or what. Undigested food in stools can be a troublesome thing, and many parents do not know what to do about it. I'm just a dad that's passionate about finding ways to keep my babies safer and happier. You see the oddest things in your poop and your toddlers poop. It seems like every piece of fruit or vegetable comes out the same way it went in. ? If the child is of crawling or toddling age, there is also a possibility of the black strings being hair or thread of some kind. All the questions that pop up! Your baby’s little backside will likely be inflamed a bit, and a strong diaper rash may also occur. If your baby is lactose intolerant, their poop consistency may be a tell-tale sign. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Anyone else seeing this? Do we need to go to the doctor? Obviously, the body does not digest these things so it just passes through and comes out the other end. So let’s get a little deeper into this and see what different situations could cause this to happen! If your child is a little older (2-4+) then just pay close attention to the texture, size, and the child’s behavior. There is a very short list of times when black stringy poop would be a concern. I so freaked out first time it changed a banana poop! View all groups Getting pregnant Pregnancy Baby Toddler Family life Grief and Loss Regional groups. Meconium helps protect sensitive intestines while they are forming. The answer is, no. Is my child sick? Seeing it present in little one’s stool only means that their tiny body is adjusting well to the outside world. Issues and side effects of obesity in children, Normal infant spit-up vs. acid reflux disease, Signs, symptoms and treatment of Crohn's Disease in children, Symptoms and treatment of constipation in children, Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome in children, What causes colic and how to best treat it, More Parenting Videos from Dan Thomas, MD >, Three important rules about your baby's first foods, Postnatal depression and loneliness advice, The importance of spending quality time during early childhood, Bonding with your baby after a less-than-perfect birth. His primary clinical and academic interests include the care and study of children with congenital or acquired intestinal, pancreatic and hepatobiliary disorders. Undigested food in stools can be a troublesome thing, and many parents do not Today I noticed that she had whole chunks of undigested food in her poop. Let Dr Dan Thomas, MD explain what you should and The most common cause of undigested food in stool is fibrous food. Did I feed them something dangerous? Undigested food in baby poop! Advertisement. How is celiac disease treated in children? My daughter will probably kill me for saying this, but my wife and I were changing her diaper one day and she had an intact chaquita banana sticker in her poop. Combined, I have 10 years of parenting experience across three children - with another on the way! - BabyCenter India . A food allergy or intolerance may cause some unpleasantness in the diaper, but it is usually combined with a runny nose, mild fever, and sometimes small traces of blood in the stool as well. - BabyCenter Canada I was at first alarmed, but then I looked closer and they look exactly like when you make banana bread and the flecks of banana oxidize. Blessedinlove. For starters, certain foods could be making it harder for your baby poop.

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