Saturday, I realized my Aqueon Pro heater wasn’t working and tank was cold. External heaters offer several advantages, such as consistent water heating and no risk of scalding or shattering in the tank. One of the most important safety features is an auto-shutoff function. A typical heater for a fish tank is basically electric elements that are submerged in water. That’s why we recommend using a high-quality heater that can be programmed for precise temperature and will keep that temperature stable, regardless of external temperatures. Water movement disperses the heated water throughout the tank. It’s in the line between the sump or filter and the tank itself. But when the room air temperature drifts below this level, you’ll need to increase the heater wattage. The thermostat will measure the current temperature with an accuracy margin of 0.5 F, which provides very precise control. They’re also more convenient to use as you don’t need to get your hands wet to change the temperature settings. The 300 watts can handle as much as 150 gallons, although the recommended ratio is 5 watts per gallon of water. Instead, it heats the water to a range between 73 and 82 F. This is fine for most tropical fish aquariums but may be an issue if you’ve got a fish species that is sensitive to temperature changes. A general rule for stable temperatures is to have around 5 watts per gallon of water. Installed spare heater. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. The warranty change is also upsetting. The Cobalt Aquatics 31000 Neo-Therm Heater is an aquarium heater that doesn’t draw attention to itself. The other benefit of the Hydor design is constant exposure to water movement. No more wet hands! Many users have reported seeing a 1 to 2 F discrepancy between the temperature display and a second thermometer. Top 10 Best Aquarium Heaters. This depends on the ambient temperature that will also heat the water passively. Anyone considering this heater for that feature (as I did) please do some research. My recommended heater is the Fluval E, continue reading for more options. The bigger tanks result in slower temperature changes so that you give yourself time to rectify any mistake. Perhaps the most important feature is a thermostat designed to keep water temperature constant. A red LED indicates when the heater is operating. The lifetime warranty is truly excellent. Those heaters are NOT what they used to be. Keep reading as I’ll show you the top 10 best aquarium heater … However, there may be many situations in which you want to change the temperature, in which case a fixed-temperature unit becomes useless. This will detect when the water temperature is too high and will turn the heater off. Mounting the heater outside of the aquarium saves space inside the tank. You may start out with room temperature water, but you can’t always expect the water to remain that way. The best aquarium heaters … I am going try the Cobalt heater on my next tank. The warranty is good for 3 years. The JBJ digital controller comes with a quick disconnect temperature probe with a 5-foot cable. This will prevent you from having to guess what the exact temperature is. This will depend on the type of heater and type of tank you have. And it is reasonably priced, so buying multiple units is well within the range of possibilities. This makes it much more efficient, and you can also position it any way you want. These cases are sensitive to heat differentials and may sometimes crack or shatter the glass, resulting in a tank of electrocuted fish. So now let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular aquarium heaters you can buy today. This is a very common type of aquarium heater, and in fact, it’s almost always the heater you get when you receive an aquarium kit for beginners. So no matter what size tank you have, there is a Hygger heater that will meet your needs. This can lead to inaccurate temperature control and frequent on/off cycles. Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters self-limit, meaning they will never get warmer than the pre-set level. It’s also not ideal—perhaps I should say not even safe—to use this for brackish or marine aquariums. The wattage of the deluxe model goes from 300W to 800W. The best aquarium heater … Its warranty is only for a year, although you can check the producer's website if this changes—and it only applies when you buy from an authorized reseller. The probe and controller are rated at +/- 0.5 F accuracy. There’s also an indicator light. Find the best aquarium heater sutable for your aquarium available at Amazon. Instead, it is made from titanium. Most heaters on the market will have adjustable temperature controls that are easy to set up. There are many reputable heater manufacturers that make easy to use, reliable aquarium heaters. You see an indicator light when it’s working. Glad you finally found something suitable for your setup. You’ll need to follow the steps in the guide when setting it up. I’m betting it was slime coming off the catfish and not the actual skin. Despite its small size, the Hygger mini heater has a temperature range between 63 and 94 F and is accurate to within 1 F. The only drawback is that the external controller isn’t waterproof, so you need to be careful when changing your thermostat settings. And the sump will require more space in your room. Digital controller remembers settings and calibration. It can raise the temperature of a tank up to 11 F over the ambient room temperature, so it’s suitable for use even in very cold climates. (Yeah, I know I should know better than trust anything anyone writes on the internet). The Cobalt Aquatics heater is a fully submersible heater covered with discreet black plastic. The glass tube enclosure is typically very robust and can withstand abuse from fish and the environment. This is because two heaters will be able to heat double the water of one high-watt heater, making it easier to maintain a suitable temperature range. Because the heater is in a stream of flowing water from the canister filter, the aquarium is always bathed in heated water. The digital controller has a temperature set point range between 32-99F. Mu Eheim/Jager have generally proved much more reliable. The Aqueon pro adjustable aquarium heater offers many of the same features as higher-end models. As for the warranty, there’s nothing better in the industry as you get a lifetime warranty. This electronic heater has all the bells and whistles you need from a high-quality product. Different wattage elements can be used with the controller. Much appreciated. The compact design with suction cups makes it easy to install on glass, plastic, or acrylic tanks. This offers very accurate temperature readings, with up to 0.5° F accuracy. Hey Brent thanks for pointing that out! It’s quite tough too, with its corrosion-resistant titanium tubes. Hi Bob, The auto shutoff feature that was I was referring to was the “out of water shut off feature”. This 300W heater is fully submersible, and it can handle 100 gallons with a temperature range of 68° to 93° F. It’s actually available in 4 versions, with the 50W version good for up to 15 gallons. This should be helpful to new hobbyists and experienced buyers. The customer service can be hit or miss—some get excellent service, while others not so much. The ISTA inline heater is available in a range of wattages, depending on your tank size. It’s easy enough to set up in various angles, although the manual warns against setting this horizontally. The TruTemp dial stays within 0.5 of your desired temperature. You can actually set the temperature in 0.5 degree increments. Some heaters come with easy to use and intuitive controls that make changing the settings a breeze. A good aquarium heater has only one job: to heat up the water in your fish tank. He quickly died. But stray voltage can shock you and stress the fish over time. If you have multiple aquariums with small tanks, consider a mini-heater instead of the big submersible ones. It is an OK heater but you need a good water flow around the unit or else the “LF” error. However, it also has to be reliable, safe, and easy-to-use.

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