In spite of the drawbacks of negative motivation, this method is commonly used to achieve desired results. Attaining a goal will tend to restore physiological or psychological balance. This behavior ultimately leads to goal-directed activities such as preparing food and a goal activity such as eating food. There are also people who behave in a way that radiates confidence. Motivation is an inner feeling which energizes a person to work more. i.e. It is a force that activates dormant energies and sets in motion the action of the people. They vary and are connected with the mental process of understanding. Motivation has been variously defined by scholars. There may be hardly any management which has not used negative motivation at one or the other time. Though employees work up-to a level where punishment is avoided but this type of motivation causes anger and frustration. For example, there is truth in the statement that some people always seem to feel insecure and thus behave continuously in a manner reflecting the insecurity of feeling. They are confident in many different social settings so that one finds a constant and repeated behavior from which people probably estimate the motive of the person. Voted up and useful. Omitting the ability and skill, it is the motive of employees which determines whether they will be more or less efficient. Motivation is an important factor which encourages persons to give their best performance and help in reaching enterprise goals. They are outside an individual; they are hoped for incentives toward which needs are directed. Motivation: Meaning, Definition, Nature and Types! The basic elements of the process of motivation are: Motives: Motive or need or want or drive prompt people to action. For different motives, people do different things like attending classes, get married, join unions, or groups, etc. There are unsatisfied needs of a person which disturb his equilibrium. Some people are found to be more efficient than others. Motivation is a psychological term which means it cannot be forced on employees. Observing someone's behavior may indicate that a certain need is present in this person that motivates him onwards.The same behavior may result from many different motives: Behavior may be caused by a number of different motives. One's inherited and biological capabilities, Personal experience and learning influences and. By understanding the motives one can predict or control the activities.Goals: Motives are directed towards goals. Meaning of Motivation. The term 'motivation' is derived from the word 'motive'. Over a period of trying, it will become your habit. Motivation - Meaning Motivation is a transitive form of the noun, motive. The need satisfying ego motivates a person to do better than he normally does. These want or motives are subject to the human being and his mental feelings. I love sharing tips to help people. Behavior is generally motivated by a desire to achieve a goal. Privacy Policy 8. They arise continuously and determine the general direction of an individual's behavior.Behavior: All behavior is a series of activities. When a manager wants to get more work from his subordinates then he will have to motivate them for improving their performance. Disclaimer 9. At work, it determines the behavior of a person. You probably have experienced situations where you did not realize the intensity of the need for a car till the traveling requirements of your business are not developed. 4. The particular goals chosen by an individual depend on four factors: The dilemma posed by a large number of needs can often be resolved by integrating wants where one activity may satisfy several needs. The behavior of a person starts from these needs or motives. He will develop certain goals for himself and try to achieve them. Motivation is a force within an individual that drives him to behave in a certain way. The Concept of Motivation. Some definitions are discussed as follows: “A motive is an inner state that energizes, activates, or moves and directs or channels behaviour goals.”, “It is the stimulation of any emotion or desire operating upon one’s will and promoting or driving it to action.”, “Motivation refers to degree of readiness of an organism to pursue some designated goal and implies the determination of the nature and locus of the forces, including the degree of readiness.”, “Motivation is the complex of forces starting and keeping a person at work in an organization.”, “Motivation implies any emotion or desire which so conditions one’s will that the individual is properly led into action.”, “Motivation represents an unsatisfied need which creates a state of tension or disequilibrium, causing the individual to make in a goal-directed pattern towards restoring a state of equilibrium by satisfying the need.”, “A willingness to expend energy to achieve a goal or reward. Motives are directed towards the achievement of certain goals which in turn determine the behavior of individuals. The difference in their performance can be attributed either to their urge or willingness to perform as best as possible or difference in their abilities. very nice summarized contents explaining what it means by Motivation. Prohibited Content 3. Motivation refers to a process that causes, controls, andsustains certain behavior. Dalton E. McFarland defines motivation as Motivation refers to the way in which urges, desires, drives, striving, aspirations, or needs direct, control, or explain the behavior of human being". The emotions or desires of a person prompt him for doing a particular work. Researches have found that many overweight people continue to eat excessively because they have fused the satisfaction of a number of wants like life, security, and comfort into the act of eating. A person feels the lack of certain needs, to satisfy which he feels working more. One person may satisfy his need for power by kicking subordinates and another by becoming the president of a company. This type of motivation generally becomes a cause of industrial unrest. For example, the motives behind the purchase of a car may be: to appear respectable; to satisfy economic values and to reinforce company-created status differentials; to appear younger and attractive; to gain acceptance from others or to maintain the acceptance already gained through a similar income level. A person wanting acceptance will behave differently in a carpool, swimming pool, or office secretarial pool.Motives are the energizing forces within us: These forces are invisible, and it is very difficult to measure them because all of us are different and the motives energizing us at a point differ from time to time. Eating, in a way, relates the tension built by the numerous unsatisfied needs. Nature of Motivation: Motivation is a psychological phenomena which generates within an individual. For example, a young man who prefers to travel during vacation may give up the idea during the tennis season because the joy of playing tennis takes place in the need to travel. rarely we find the same energy level of motivation for a long period like a year or 10 years. Copyright 10. The following are the types of motivation: Positive motivation or incentive motivation is based on reward. The cultural norms and values that are instilled as one mature. Motivation is a psychological phenomena which generates within an individual. Content Guidelines 2. This process keeps on working within an individual. From definitions given earlier the following inferences can be derived: 1. They will either be offered incentive for more work, or may be in the space of rewards, better reports, recognition etc., or he may instill fear in them or use force for getting desired work. Goals are the ends that provide the satisfaction of human wants. The starting point in the motivation process is the motives or needs of a person. Negative or fear motivation is based on force or fear. The term 'need' should not be associated with pressing desire or urgency for something. Motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve theirgoals.

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