The label put him in the studio, where he wrote and recorded songs during ’06. With The Daybreaks, Holland's varied sensibility of sound, plus Bond's piano prowess, paired with Jones' bold guitar playing, is at once immediately welcoming and uncharted territory. This prompted Mark McLemore to approach two friends from his time in college, John Martin ( The group consisted of six members, including the Lister brothers, Ben Dixon, Sean Saunders and the McLemore brothers. These southern gents quickly won over Sing-Off judges Ben Folds (Ben Folds Five), Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), and Nicole Scherzinger (The Pussycat Dolls), and--most importantly--millions of NBC primetime viewers after … He recently earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Ministry from Amridge University in Montgomery, AL. His dad was a chaplain in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Adam Chance was born on the Florida Panhandle and grew up in southern Alabama just north of the beautiful, once oil-free, Gulf Coast beaches. Street Corner Symphony is a contemporary a cappella group based out of Nashville, Tennessee, founded on 28 May 2010 to compete in NBC's all-vocal competition, The Sing-Off. There are two bands called Street Corner Symphony. Leave feedback. He is the grandson of renowned southern gospel tenor Bill Shaw of “The Blackwood Brothers”. He learned to sing in the shower, learned music theory in marching band and plays a number of instruments. Two of the members are grandsons of the legendary southern gospel tenor Bill Shaw of “The Blackwood Brothers.” In addition, five of the six members were preacher’s kids and grew up singing and learning music in church. One member is a pilot, one is a major label recording artist, one is an operatic baritone, one is a dichromat, one has indeed met Chuck D., and one has a serious phobia of fruit. Feel free to contribute! With his first solo effort Open Ocean, Kaleb creates a world all it's own. Citing reasons of some sort, Ben and Sean left void the high and low ends of Street Corner Symphony’s frequency spectrum. His debut release, the “Just One Day” EP, was released digitally on November 20, 2007. The six men of Street Corner Symphony are Adam Chance, Mark McLemore, and Kurt Zimmerman, along with brothers Jeremy, Jonathan, and Richie Lister. He grew up collaborating and writing songs with his older brother Richie. The single was followed by the groups album "Harmony Grits", released also on Ban Records (BLP-406) in 1976. The Daybreaks have written electrifying lyrics that intrigue the listener and beg for repeat spins. You can follow his other diverse work below. Richie Lister grew up the son of a minister in Mississippi. The album weaves soul stirring lyrics with cinematic and sometimes delicate arrangements to tell its story. Three weeks later, the group broke up. His favorite actors are Sean Connery and Christopher Walken. He once rode a motorcycle from Alabama to California and back in 8 days, danced in the Nutcracker, and engineered his own ping-pong paddle. He received two Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) in 2008 for his work on the McLemore Brothers record ‘Sunday Drive.’ He is the group’s resident operatic baritone and he can read music faster than he can read text. When his dad wasn’t looking, Jeremy would sneak into his guitar case and start picking out chords. John is honored to have been selected as a winner of the state National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and Music Teachers’ National Association (MTNA) auditions for Alabama, as well as to have been chosen as a two-time finalist in auditions for the world renowned Chanticleer. The five members of the group all hail from Nashville TN and include brothers, Jeremy and Jonathan Lister. Since their success on The Sing-Off, Street Corner Symphony has made their mark on the music world, recording albums, providing clinics for schools, giving benefits for cancer, performing across the country and around the world, and even working with major artists including Ben Folds, Alison Krauss, and Take 6's Claude McKnight. In 1975 Street Corner Symphony released its first single "Earth Angel" (B-side: I'm Not Ready (To Let You Go)) on Bang Records (B-719). His childhood home was two miles down a dirt road and he spent many summer days fishing in the Gulf. Street Corner Symphony is a contemporary a cappella group based out of Nashville, Tennessee, founded on 28 May 2010 to compete in NBC's all-vocal competition, The Sing-Off. Street Corner Symphony was formed in 2010 for the sole purpose of winning television’s “The Sing Off.” SCS’s laid-back southern soul style accents their diverse repertoire of music and reflects notable influences from artists like Take 6, Alison Krause, Johnny Cash, the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and others. Discography. Street Corner Symphony moves seamlessly between most styles of … Let us know what you think of the website. Street Corner Symphony commenced the dominating. He is afraid of fruit.Jeremy Lister began singing and learning harmonies in church at the age of two. At ages twelve and thirteen, he traveled through Europe with his parents. The members of Street Corner Symphony are from all over the Southeast US and are proud to call Nashville TN their home base. Here he began playing writer’s nights and passing his CD along to anyone who would listen. He is red-green color blind and has a fear of upside down traffic lights. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Artist descriptions on are editable by everyone. Three weeks later, after passing the audition, Ben and Sean dropped out of the group, citing personal and work-related issues, leaving holes in high tenor and bass. Although he sings bass in the group, he is afraid of spiders. He learned to sing from his parents and from church music and could match pitch with his dad at age 2. He still plays with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from time to time; his favorite is Raphael. Richie is often told that he has an uncanny resemblance to John Lennon. He enjoys watching american and association football, wearing vests and ties, and would prefer not to die by sword or gunshot. He once met Chuck D. Adam studied journalism and music at the University of Alabama and is also a songwriter. He is afraid of driving over a bridge, having it collapse under him, plummeting to the depths of a mighty river and being trapped in his vehicle until he drowns. The Daybreaks eponymous album is pure cinematic pop. Street Corner Symphony moves seamlessly between most styles of music, feeling at home in all of them. The album was produced by Jerry Love and Michael Zager. The songs are theatrical and haunting, but never melodramatic, with substantive verses that keep the listener firmly on solid ground. He moved to Nashville 7 years ago and is Jeremy’s older brother. Essentially a vocal quintet, three of its members, (Jesse Harris, Milton Hayes and Lawrence Miller) had started out in Los Angeles group The Marvellos (aka The Sons Of Watts) during the sixties. When not singing together, the group is actually still just trying to get acquainted! Kaleb Jones is a songwriter from Nashville, Tn. SCS brings a unique laid back southern soul to the competition, demonstrating notable influences from artists like Take 6 and Alison Krauss. He recently earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in piano performance from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL. Within days, however, Mark had contacted two friends in his extensive network of talented people and restored balance. In addition to his solo work, Jones is heavily involved in numerous musical projects spanning many different genres. Jeremy sings tenor and lead for SCS, and has a fear of flying with Jon. Mark McLemore (The Plethora) was born in Alabama to a banjo pickin’ preacher and is Jon’s younger brother. In the spring of ’07, Lister signed a record deal with WBR. John is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree in voice performance at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The album was produced by none other than Willie Hutch. The group was formed in May of 2010 for the sole purpose of winning the Sing Off. His favorite movies are the original Star Wars trilology, and his favorite actor is William H. Macy. Let us know what you think of the website. He is the only member of Street Corner Symphony that is not a minister’s son. He also helps out with the vocal percussion duties from time to time. The blend of Bond's and Jones' voices is beautiful; Jones' vocal power is skillfully matched by Bond's celestial sound, with the combination intensified by Holland's production. Lightning 100, Nashville's independent radio, quickly dubbed the band a "Nashville super-group.". Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He sings tenor and lead for SCS and does vocal percussion for the group when needed. He is currently working on songs for his full-length album to be released later this year. Street Corner Symphony was founded by Jon McLemore on May 28, 2010 to audition for the second season of the NBC show The Sing-Off. Lead singer Morris Chestnut, formerly of the Attractions, The Sound-Masters and The Vows, recorded solo both under his own name and that of James Washington Lee.

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