You aren't completed the next questions: This is one of the best Spanish … So the next time someone [...], Black Friday Deals -- This Week Only! Quiero un/una _______- I would like a ________. | Up to 96% Off Language Courses, *El nombre de mi hermano/hermana es…” – “My brother’s/sister’s name is…”, *Pues… yo no sé.” – “Well… I don’t know.”. Here are some of those questions you can ask. Cómo is fairly straightforward, asking “how”. Your heart starts pumping faster, palms begin to sweat, and knees become weaker. But it doesn’t apply to “how much” or “how many” (I’ll come to that next). To start, here are some simple questions in Spanish to get the conversation rolling. And it's no different in Spanish. ... Write six questions and six appropriate answers. Our Beginners series covers everything you need to kick-start your language journey. ... Write six questions and six appropriate answers. Basic Spanish Questions Introductions. (What do you like to do?) Getting to Know Someone. When you need to ask a question, there are a few ways you can lead into it or ask permission. 24. 25. – Do you have gum? You have to leave in ten minutes! : “What time is the movie?”. ¿Dónde está el baño? Let me hear them in the comments. But worry not! ... Soy de Irlanda. ¿Cómo te llamas? The most straightforward way is Tengo una pregunta (“I have a question”). What in Spain is El Gordo? Free quiz to test yourself on building questions in Spanish, choosing the option that best agrees with the question. Now that we’ve started the conversation, we need to get to know the person we’re speaking to. Example: Where are you going? Example #1: Me llamo David. 15. And that’s why I’m so excited about VR as a tool for learning languages. You are sending an incomplete test to be evaluated. – Is there a ______ close by? – ¿Hablas inglés … Example: ¿Qué tiempo hace? Let's go!”). ¿Adónde va usted? – What’s the weather like? ... Muy bien, gracias. ¿Cuánto es? Free quiz to test yourself on building questions in Spanish, choosing the option that best agrees with the question. ¿Tienes un/una______? These are typical questions you would ask in English like their name, where they’re from, asking for help, and more. ¿Hablas inglés? Asking questions in Spanish can range from simple to quite complex. Hi ! What questions do you use in everyday life that I missed here? As you can see above, in Spanish, there are two question marks: ¿ and ? It’s sunny and quite hot. So any connecting words, greetings, or other words that come before? Can you imagine having a conversation to get to know someone in español without being able to ask any questions? How to answer basic questions in Spanish: examples with audio. Not only are questions crucial for creating that back and forth conversation and getting to know one another, but they help you deflect in the beginning. For that, the question is a qué hora as in ¿A qué hora es la película? Example #2: ¡ Hola! It's one of the things we say most often, right? This question is one you’ll use often whenever you’re answering the door at home or when you’re speaking to someone over the phone. Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel Tips. The reason being, every situation you face is going to be different, and it’s important to be prepared. 21. Example #2: Quiero un café – I would like a coffee, A polite way of saying this is “Me gustaria un/una ________?”. Here are some examples: If asking about something that's plural, cuál becomes cuáles. It would be quite difficult. Example: Te llevaré a casa. ¿Y tú, cómo te llamas? Today, we’re …, You're in a Mexican supermarket, and the man in front of you is speaking with the cashier, but not in …, Hey! When you’re visiting a new city or country, there are important questions you should ask to get around safely. If you change a word from singular to plural, the whole sentence must match. They change based on the gender of the noun you’re counting. Example #1: Quiero una cerveza – I would like a beer ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? – How do I get to ______? And that makes it all the more memorable. – How do I get to the airport? And think of por qué as “why”, or to understand the cause of something. ¿Estás listo? – Do you like this song? The only thing to note here is you can’t use cuándo when you’re asking for a specific time (in hours and/or minutes). This feat normally takes the Japanese themselves all the way through the end of junior high school, and most non-native learners of Japanese never make it even after years of study.

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