Also, did Sansa say that line from the trailer? The costumes were superb. I know book readers and spoiler hounds think Jon’s parentage was obvious, but an informal survey I took of unsullied friends show that they were completely surprised by the revelation. Lancel is stabbed and painfully crawls to find candles sitting in a pool of wildfire. While the scene makes it very clear that Jon's parentage is a lot more noble and complex than some one night stand Ned had in a tavern, it held back a few secrets, but we probably know what they are. Shortly after the faith inferno, Cersei has her favorite Septa chained down. And then there was my very satisfying moments as a Stark fan: Sansa & Jon’s special moment together – Smiling at winter Game of Thrones season 6: news and episode reviews Let’s predict which Game of Thrones characters will survive the rest of the series! LOL But if she really is barren, it won’t matter after she dies anyway, will it? Wonderful episode… Thank you as always for your amazing recaps Oz! I wrote a comment in another thread, ill copy it here. It was amazing to see the Stark sigil back in the opening credits. Interestingly, the finale episode also saw Daenerys aim to find a husband/ally. YEESS!! Simply phenomenal and I was NOT expecting that. And why was she eye fucking Jaime? Great recap Oz. But the episode had plenty of winter references. If you can’t have kids, the point of marriage is only a very temporary alliance in the grand scheme of things, you aren’t binding the houses together. Not only did the finale live up to the hype train, it gave us plenty to discuss during the nine and a half long months of darkness. You have to protect him. And of course Oldtown, as Sam is my favourite character…. Season 7 looks very very promising with few “main” stories: King’s Landing ; Winterfell ; Dorne (with Dany and co). trarecar: A red flayed man, hanging upside-down on a white X-shaped cross, on a black background. The scene set the tone for a larger reveal yet to come, one that fans have been discussing for well over a decade and was summarily confirmed in the Game of Thrones season 6 finale. If there’s any criticism, then it would be the general one I have for the whole season, everything seems to tie up almost too quickly and easily. Sansa “Winter is here.” because they wanted to leave us hanging…and…they’re giving GRRM one last shot to fully reveal the exact happenings between Raegar and Lyanna? I predicted Marg’s death but the show made me think she will somehow survives. But thankfully Sam will live to see Season 7. I wonder how that will play out. It’s crazy for me to think but I have to put this season at a tie for 4th with season 4, I’d like to point out that I am a non-book reader (I plan to read them after the finishing of the tv show), Seasons 1-3 will never be touched imo because of how unpredictable every thing was. Ser Jay of the Trident (Sword of the Afternoon)Quote  Reply, My favorite finale ever and my favorite season ever. I’m all for it! Jackass Award: Tough not to give it to Walder as he ranks right up there on the leaderboard with Ramsay and Alliser. You can reveal/hide all the In any case, I agree with you wholeheartedly… Tyrion is THE key. I was almost glad that she lost her last child as the result of her actions. And then let the White Walkers take all the land. But Dany would not be the only Queen who would be in need of a “Hand.”. 225 0.8% 8 He did blow up Davos’ ship, so there’s that. It´s absolutely illogic that the first thing that Ayra does when she returns to Westeros is the vengance of the Red Wedding, she would have first visited Winterfell and find out the situation with her family. Did anyone else get the feeling that he sensed brans vision or something? When Walder asks where his sons are, the server tells him that they are already there and reveals that she is Arya Stark. , Ser Not Appearing in this SeriesQuote  Reply. REALLY???? This theory, known among fans as R + L = J, is now all but confirmed, and once it becomes common knowledge (probably in season 7), it will improve Jon Snow, the new King in the North's claim on the Iron Throne. Ummm, in a show with twincest, you think Dany and Jon would be an issue? The writers would never put them together, what would the point be ? Enter your email address to subscribe to WotW and receive notifications of new posts by email. Surprisingly many predictions were right about this season: it was widely believed both Margaery and Tommen would die. “Long may he reign!”. Cersei, the mad queen, gave me shivers. . How do you put spoilers in your comment? It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. I forgot about Hot pie and the gravy, hehe , As you later mentioned, perhaps Hot Pie got a transfer and is now working at The Twins LOL , The T dynasty is not over and does not need Dany : Jon is here now. Don’t know it you understand what I mean…, But to be fair, that was the season of reunions, characters are tying together more and more and I really loved it. A flock of black ravens surmounting a dead white weirwood tree. Maybe this is an opportunity for the Dorne storyline to reinvent itself, especially with Thorns demanding respect and verbally abusing the Sand Snakes. I wonder if she can always use a face? Gotta say I felt with Tommen there. During these months Arya travels back to Westeros, and makes her way to the Twins for revenge. If You Think This Has a Happy Ending, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention. And let us not forget that Daenerys can’t have kids anyway… . The new alliances. So that takes away Dorne, The Reach, and the Iron Islands. “All I could think about is everything that’s been taken from me” Something to that effect I don’t remember what she says, Only two of my favorite characters died this season: Wun Wun and Margaery. I wouldn’t read too much into it. While in King’s Landing, be sure to visit the historic Sept of Baelor. Will definitely miss your wit and humor in them until next season. I say just enjoy GoT as it is and take it at face value . On serious note, Margaery’s death felt shocking to me and very game of thrones. Are they sometimes slightly different than what is actually shown in the episode? This includes spoilers that may be covered by code or otherwise. A song of ice and fire. If you were one of the many that speculated that Cersei would light a match to the motherfucker, then pat yourself on the back. Couldn’t edit my previous comment, but wanted to add that “Bastards” and “Winter” seen together back-to-back is a better summer blockbuster than any of the tent-pole genre movies out there. It's going to be another long wait until next April. I’m looking forward to writing them already. Awww yeah Khaleesi is coming to Westeros y’all. I think a narrative setup would have made it much more satisfying and a lot less random. Dolphins or whales? It couldn’t have gone on forever. Arya? I was stabbed to death and brought back by a red woman. Edit. So… let them all burn. Loras was broken completely, and would admit to all of his transgressions with no trial necessary. There is a LOT of great stuff to speculate on this offseason. If her ship docked in the south wouldn’t she have to pass the Twins to get to Winterfell? And Gilly and the baby will reside in the welcome center lobby with Bean while Sam begins his studies. Maybe Jon will bring back the Targaryen Polygamy and Marry both Sansa and Dany…. So don’t be a stranger. Yeah, in my mind the whole re-birth of Meereen took a few months, Varys got to Dorne sent word to Tryion that he had secured the Dornish fleet. This was the revenge we have wanted for 3 seasons, and it is one short out-of-the-blue scene that explains nothing (how did she kill two main Freys and cut them up without anyone noticing, where did she learn how to make pies and why did no-one notice the new girl in the kitchen …?). This show is best viewed without knowing all the surprises beforehand or afterwards, so please be respectful of your fellow fans. I haven’t read a comment anywhere about anything, so I’m interested to see what you have to say. In this weekend’s Death Odds post, my wild card was Daario and the probability of at least one more twist from Meereen before Dany left. A sword and falling star on a lavender field. She then gives Ned the baby, mentions "what Robert will do" if he finds out, and there is a cut between the infant's face and Jon's to show they are one and the same. Does this mean he can name Sansa the Lady of Winterfell? Mehh King slayer, Queen slayer.. all the same lol, first thing that came to mind was bran s1ep1, Dany, “so, I can walk through fire and not burn, plus I have three dragons.”, Jon, “Cool! Three stalks of yellow wheat on a brown field. And kudos to the actors and everyone else involved for further raising the standards of television. She declares Jon the King in the North and Manderly and Glover admit they made a mistake by not supporting him. It's possible Jon might emerge as a likely suitor, until they learn that they're related (not that this might stop them - it's Game of Thrones after all). Stunning, amazing, thought and cheer provoking. No spoilers, at all! Cersei is Queen of the Seven Kingdoms (or at least of Kings Landing), Ellaria seems to rule Dorne totally without any pretense of a claim, Olenna is the head of house Tyrell and there is a Dragon Queen coming from Essos installing another Queen of the Iron Islands.

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