The difference between whole wheat and white bread comes down to bran, the outer part of a wheat kernel. What’s more, it’s light on the stomach and can be digested easily. Whole wheat contains bran (which makes up the outside layer and is packed with Vitamin B), the germ (the inside layer filled with healthy fats and other vitamins), and … Choose breads that say "100% whole grain" or list "whole wheat" as the first ingredient. Whole wheat bread and products labeled “whole … If you prefer the taste and texture of white bread but want the natural nutritional benefits of whole wheat, choose white whole-wheat bread. If the label doesn't say "whole" first, it isn't a whole-grain product. So, in case you are looking to lose weight, having suji is a good idea. Whole wheat vs. white. For wheat bread, the bran is mixed back in, giving bread a darker color. Another reason why suji is preferred by nutritionists is that it is made from rough, coarsely ground whole wheat. Replace the refined grains in … During processing, the bran is separated from the rest of the kernel. Eating more healthy whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, bulgur, oats, and quinoa can prevent many health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. But when grains are pulverized into flour, whether whole or not, their surface area expands dramatically, providing a huge, starchy surface area on which the enzymes can work. Consequently, the conversion to sugar happens very quickly. But be sure to read the label.

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