The Roccat Horde Aimo, as a gaming keyboard, has to be a bit more, and it fails to shine. 8.8. So, you are able to control the volume without having to press another key first, zoom in on whatever you’re looking at, or opt to use it as an ‘undo/redo’ dial. As much as I love my mechanical keyboard, sharing a room with someone who’s ears work when using one can lead to glares, tuts and, on occasions, that look. Even if this was made smaller, the keyboard itself was unnecessarily large, so if you have a small to medium sized workstation, then you may have a hard time keeping this colossal keyboard sitting pretty. There are individual buttons for volume, mic level, key brightness, lighting color, RGB effects, swapping between windows like the usual alt-tab press, and a user button. Node Audio Finds its Chinese Distributor in Cambridge. The build is entirely plastic, but it does feature some stylish accents that do set it apart from a lot of standard looking keyboards, but I’m not a massive fan of its hard-plastic surface. Over the upper-right side of the keyboard, there’s a very long row of buttons and an oversize dial. 8.8. Using the Swarm software is extremely simplistic. ROCCAT has introduced what it calls “membranical” keys – basically, they’re still membrane keys, but they have an extra layer that adds a tactile feel bringing the best of both worlds between the membrane and mechanical. Today, we are going to have a look at a new type of keyboard from the company, the Horde AIMO. This dial can control everything from media to the keyboard’s color scheme to the RGB backlighting’s brightness. Now, we have its keyboard stablemate, the Horde AIMO to run along side it. Great. This post contains affiliate links where DualShockers gets a small commission on sales. You can buy the Horde AIMO keyboard right now for £90 from Amazon and other outlets. To really get started with the keyboard, Roccat’s special software is needed, and it was a slog to use. As is the very nature of its closed-in, island-style membrane keys, you only get light escaping from each individual letter cut-out rather than having it spill out the bottom of each individual key cap. Unfortunately, it just comes across as awkward. Yes, it’s a membrane keyboard as opposed to a mechanical one. I had never owned a mechanical gaming keyboard before, so this being my first time I had hoped that I would be blown away; however, initial reactions to mechanical keyboards can be jarring–and I fall into that category. Razer Productivity Suite Could be The Best WFH Keyboard, Mouse and Mat. The spacing between each key is enough to be comfortable but also speedy. MSRP $89.99 Amazon ROCCAT Horde AIMO Keyboard Review — Mechanical by Design, ROCCAT Horde AIMO - Membranical RGB Gaming Keyboard, ROCCAT has promised to bring a new meaning to the word extra in the Horde AIMO Membranical RGB keyboard, but how true to their word are they? So, apparently gamers love LEDs everywhere. When it comes to the light show ROCCAT promises to ignite with the Horde Aimo, this is one of the areas they have fallen quite flat on, to my disappointment as I love a good firework display in my gaming gear. Basically, what you have here is a single sheet of little rubber contact domes rather than individual switches for each key. This isn’t just for volume, as I assumed; the dial can control everything from media to the keyboard’s colour scheme to the RGB backlighting’s brightness. Suffice it to say, it’s fine. A cool aspect though is that you can change the color scheme and RGB lighting via ROCCAT’s Swarm software, which is free to download. Let's find out.

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