If I saw an S2 for $600, I’d snag it in a heartbeat. X. A fresh vibe you can really rock out with. Product Comparison: PRS SE Standard 24 vs PRS SE Custom 24. Got the PRS bug. S2 Series. Distinct bolt-on snap & response with USA-made quality. And for $399, I don’t know if there’s anything that can touch it, in terms of wanting a dual humbucker solid body with a thin neck. Close. I play everything from jazz to metal so that's why I like PRS so much. But even used they’ll go for way more than that. 1. The Pinnacle of PRS … Unfortunately the entry level SE is no longer entry level price. Incredible value with a familiar feel. This is the classic PRS guitar adorned with its 24 frets, bird fingerboard inlays, two powerful humbuckers and its carved top. I know i probably won't be splurging for the core model for my first upgrade. Posted by 5 hours ago. Although the PRS Core Guitar series features an array of different models, the PRS Custom 24 is the most popular option and has led the Core range since 1985. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. So I've owned an SE for about 10 years now and it's time to upgrade. 【SE vs S2 vs Core 違い比較】PRS SE Custom24 レビュー . 2020年5月16日; 2020年7月26日; エレキギター, 製品レビュー; PRS; エレキギター 2本目におすすめのギターを探している PRS SE Custom24って実際どうなの? という方々のために、今回はPRS SE Custom 24を楽器屋店員がガチレビュー! 目次. SE Series. 3 years ago. My budget is around 2500 or less so I'm looking into either a used original or an s2. S2 vs CE vs Core. The S2 Singlecut seems a bit staid by comparison, stuck between the rather good SE Singlecuts, at around half the cost, and the posher, more vintage-style Core Line SC 245, which is double the price. Advertiser Disclosure. I bought my PRS SE Custom 24 new for $399, which is close to half price. Bolt-On Series. Re: PRS SE vs S2 vs CE I am a huge fan of PRS guitars and have been so for many years. Not crazy about the CE bolt on but wondering of people like them. Private Stock. The Custom 24 SE NOW costs £799 here in the UK (around $1000) and I am not sure they now represent value for money … The main differences are the neck, top carve, and the tremolo. S2 vs CE vs Core.

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