The Core or the CE? They give you a very familiar PRS voicing, but with that little "something" missing compared to the Core … S2 ~ $1100 Core ~ $2300 Of course I can buy an old beat up core PRS for less than a new S2...but it's likely going to need a full refret, new nut, electronics may be questionable, older design tuners and pickups (if they are original), etc. If your budget is tight and you still want a professional level guitar that you can rely on, the PRS SE series is ideal. Comparing them seems reasonable. Now which line do you choose? ... PRS Guitars (also known as Paul Reed Smith … Both great lines but Baxter breaks down the US models! So I've owned an SE for about 10 years now and it's time to upgrade. PRS S2 … Launched in 2013, PRS's S2 range sits between the high-end USA-made 'Core Line' guitars and the lower-priced, Korean-made SE range. I think the days of getting Core models for cheap are gone, short of local classifieds. My budget is around 2500 or less so I'm looking into either a used original or an s2. That thing is … The S2 pickups are just PRS pickups made in Korea. Don’t be fooled by the price though, as these are not beginner guitars, but affordable versions of the PRS Core series. S2 vs CE vs Core. I've never played an S2, but picked up a used Core Custom 24 wood library recently at a great price. Shop all PRS SE guitars HERE. And although the S2 models do use some Korean-made parts - primarily tuners, pickups and vibratos - the guitars are 100 per cent made in Maryland at the PRS … All the specs are given by Paul to the pickup department in their Korean factory. At a certain point, the differences/improvements are incremental and often subtle or sometimes simply cosmetic. I've got an S2 Vela and the neck on that is one of the best … So you decided on a US made PRS. My USA PRS guitars are excellent guitars. My Private Stock 594 is not twice as good as my Core 594 despite the fact that it was twice the price. The SE Hollowbody is an excellent guitar. The tone, from my experience, is that they are in some ways better than the SE's stock pickups.

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