© The PRS SE Custom is a real treat to play and has a clarity to it that will have others asking how you got that tone! Also, neither the rear control nor vibrato black plastic covers are recessed. Another thing to note is the beautiful head stock! The Pattern Regular neck profile is “similar to the traditional PRS Regular neck found on guitars made in the late 80s at PRS’s former Virginia Avenue location”, states PRS. You will receive a verification email shortly. 5. It’s the narrowest PRS profile at the nut – ours measures just over 42mm with a very contemporary depth of 21mm at the 1st fret and 23mm by the 12th – and is a very nicely shaped profile that almost hints at a slight ‘V’ thanks to the well-tapered shoulders. The coil tap system works great and truly does sound great no matter the setting.I recommend this guitar! Pots here are Alpha 500k audio taper. This switch accesses great single coil type tones making this one workhorse of a guitar! There was a problem. All rights reserved. Paul Reed Smith doesn’t like ‘ice-pick’ high-end and we don’t hear it here. Outwardly, the primary difference between the Core-level Custom 24 and the S2 is the different top carve: the Core model is classic carved PRS; the S2 uses a mainly flat-top with almost SG-like edge chamfers. which while costly. It sounds great, has a fantastic mid-range growl to it but is still very balanced throughout its sound options. An anniversary special model that perfectly executes the PRS hybrid feel, with clever pickup switching and unparalleled playability. Along with its well-trusted vibrato system, it’s a very stable guitar. And like the circuit on the SE Paul’s Guitar, we’re hearing the true single coil (the slug coil) of each humbucker. These pick-ups really capture the resonance of the body and produce a great mid-range yet bright snap! If your just getting started, this is a great guitar to learn on. We have the original scale length combined here with that in-tune vibrato and the 24-fret neck, and we’re veering back towards the Custom’s original Fender/Gibson hybrid style that is probably the reason why we’re still writing about PRS guitars today. The sustain from this guitar is awesome and it has a lot to do with the body and neck construction. PRS S2 35th Anniversary Custom 24 review PRS celebrates a landmark year with an S2 that promises expanded sounds for half the price of the Core Custom By Dave Burrluck June 17, 2020 The sound and feel of this guitar is incredibly good and will truly become your first choice when grabbing a guitar. As with any good guitar, the volume control alone is a tone shaper – pulling back a little of the hi-fi sheen yet with a dense pedalboard patch, that full-up sparkle is very welcome. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Retaining the classic maple top/mahogany back combination with our classic body shape and an asymmetrical beveled top, this guitar has a … BA1 1UA. At $1,649/£1,799 and including a perfectly good gigbag, it’s a well-aimed price point – like our trio of S2 McCarty 594s we look at later on in this issue – that puts it nicely in competition between Fender’s American Ultra, Original and Professional ranges and Gibson USA’s pricing on the first ‘proper’ Les Paul in the current line-up, the Classic, especially since the standard S2 Custom 24 has a full retail of $1,599/£1,699. The controls sit flat against the body, rather than recessed into it as on the standard Custom 24. The standard model splits the pickups simultaneously via the pull-switch on the tone control, which gives you six sounds when used in conjunction with the three-way lever pickup selector switch. The neck features a 25 inch scale and thanks to the cut aways, its easy to play around on the 24 jumbo fret, rosewood finger board.This wide thin pattern neck has been designed for very fast playing and is indeed easy to play. Another change is that the 35th Anniversary version has a three-way toggle pickup selector; the standard model uses a three-way lever. Thirdly, the SE Custom 24 comes with PRS designed and wound humbucker pick-ups. Thank you for signing up to Guitarist. PRS SE Custom 24 Hardware Thirdly, the SE Custom 24 comes with PRS designed and wound humbucker pick-ups. If you take your craft seriously, like PRS clearly does, this is a guitar that’ll support your aims and dreams… and then some. The Core Custom 24 starts at $3,860 / £3,459; the 35th Anniversary version is $3,950 £3,799 ; LEFT-HANDERS: No. Bath When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. No opaque colours to really flatter the body contours. The guitar is also loaded with a volume and tone knob, but … Of our collection of 2020 PRSes, unsurprisingly, this one sounds most like, well, a PRS! In simple terms, it has the wood choice and construction style of the former but with the double-cutaway style and vibrato of the latter. While the Custom itself has constantly evolved over three-and-a-half decades and been the start point for the majority of subsequent PRS designs, it remains very much a halfway house between a Les Paul and a Stratocaster. Constructional details aside, there’s plenty of original mid-80s PRS style here. are an excellent value and sounds great. The halfway house of the celebratory trio. PRS remains tight-lipped about its pickups, but these 85/15 ‘S’ open-coiled humbuckers capture a ‘hot vintage’ vibe and are equally at home with gain or clean tones. The three-piece neck is different from the Core level, but tuning stability and overall intonation are exceptional. Intonation is very sweet and it’s an effortless player that in no way feels, or frankly sounds, cut-price. The combination of the two materials really give this guitar a great mid-range sound. Fresh, Versatile Tone The S2 Custom 24 takes the original PRS guitar, the Custom 24, and re-imagines it with stripped-down features and a new aesthetic. Image 3 of 5. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The grade of the figured maple is lower than Core and all the translucent colours are ‘wrap-around’ without the PRS hallmark natural edge ‘binding’. PRS has been making a huge impression on players because of their quality and even in the Custom 24 we find it comes up a winner! Along with the now classic headstock shape that allows near-perfect straight string pull over the friction-reducing nut, locking tuners ensure perfect return to pitch of the vibrato. We would love to hear from you! And while the 85/15 ‘S’ loves some hefty gain, there’s a strident clarity that seems a perfect vehicle to drive a cramped pedalboard or multi-effects unit. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. The true single-coil splits provide versatile duality. As the original PRS guitar, the 24-fret Custom has certainly earned its place in guitar history. The full width of the neck sits deep into the neck pickup cavity in original PRS style. The neck on this guitar is a PRS custom design. Click here to check it out! To reduce costs, the rear plates are unrecessed on the S2 Custom Rear. I have played many PRS guitars, some worth thousands of dollars and have always enjoyed them a great deal. The Core pickups are made in the USA Stevensville factory in Maryland, the pots and switches simply higher-spec parts. The PRS SE Custom 24 is a steal for the money and is a great player! Maybe your looking for something else? The true single-coil switching in combination with the ‘tuned’ volume control gives a very Fender-y clarity and character that you don’t always hear from a split humbucker. Sign up below to get the latest from Guitarist, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Fretwire on the comfortable 254mm (10-inch) unbound rosewood fingerboard with its rounded ‘worn-in’ edges seems identical to the Core guitar in width, though slightly lower in height – perhaps a result of the differing production process here. Best Acoustic Guitars – Beginners Definitive Guide, 5 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 In 2020, Best Beginner Electric Guitar Ultimate Guide. The years of prototyping that have been done has truly paid off in this pattern style PRS neck, it is very comfortable and feels great!

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