Das war eins der besten Gerichte, die ich je im Leben zubereitet habe, wie schade, dass nur so wenig rausgekommen ist. The pork loin, belly and leg are the best cuts for roasting, while the shoulder requires a slower cook (see Jamie's recipe below). Dabei wollte ich sie am Anfang gar nicht essen, weil ich Auberginen nicht so sehr mag. Here are some top tips before you start, along with our favourite roast pork recipes from the likes of Ottolenghi and Jamie Oliver. Aber so schmecken mir Auberginen fantastisch. Next time finely chop the ginger and garlic. I also offered cilantro, peanuts and chile on the side instead of mixed in. Top tips to cooking perfect roast pork: 1. I pulled some aside for them that just had the sauce, no aromatics, and they liked it that way. Also I overcooked the scallions and eggplant - both were fine but softer than I like, so watch that next time. Everybody really enjoyed this dish, and the kids loved the pork! Oder, um es mit den Worten von Ottolenghi zu sagen: Zaalouk gibt’s nie genug.

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