In the second half of the course, we will apply those concepts in familiar areas, to help you develop practical and useful logical and critical thinking skills. However, identifying bad arguments can be very tricky in practice. View Logic and Critical Thinking- Homework 3.docx from PHI 122 at Middlesex County College. Improve your logical and critical thinking skills in this free online course. Then, enroll in the course by clicking "Enroll me in this course". Completing this unit should take you approximately 7 hours. to access this course and hundreds of other short courses for a year. Identify common flaws in belief construction, Analyse arguments using basic logical tools, Apply basic logical strategies in areas such as science, moral theories and law. Statements that include general words like "some" or "few" as well as absolute words like "every" and "all" – so-called categorical statements – lend themselves to being represented on paper as circles that may or may not overlap. To pass this course and earn a Credit-Recommended Course Completion Certificate and official transcript, you will need to earn a total grade of 70% or higher between the graded quizzes and the final exam. In week two Patrick introduces arguments. Saylor Academy and® are trade names of the Constitution Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization through which our educational activities are conducted. While the majority of this course has focused on the types of reasoning that is necessary to critique and evaluate existing knowledge, or to extend our knowledge in accordance with correct procedures and rules, there remains an enormous branch of our reasoning practice that runs in the opposite direction. Trying to keep boredom at bay while in coronavirus lockdown? Third-party materials are the copyright of their respective owners and shared under various licenses. If you are seeking credit for this course, your grade will be calculated based on three Saylor Direct Credit Quizzes and the Saylor Direct Credit Final Exam as follows: Saylor Direct Credit Quiz 1: 10% of your gradeSaylor Direct Credit Quiz 2: 10% of your gradeSaylor Direct Credit Quiz 3: 10% of your gradeSaylor Direct Credit Final Exam: 70% of your grade. upgrade Critical thinking is a broad classification for a diverse array of reasoning techniques. identify and avoid common thinking mistakes that lead to the formation of bad beliefs; recognise, reconstruct and evaluate arguments; use basic logical tools to analyse arguments; and apply those tools in areas including science, moral theories and law. Browse more in Business & Management and Psychology & Mental Health. Critical reasoning skills are presented and practiced in the context of the construction and criticism of numerous written, extended arguments. Find out what this course is like by previewing some of the course steps before you join: You can use the hashtag Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours. FutureLearn’s purpose is to transformaccess to education. Completing this unit should take you approximately 2 hours. Take this exam and these Saylor Direct Credit Quizzes if you want to earn college credit for this course. In this unit, you will learn how to identify arguments, what makes an argument sound as opposed to unsound or merely valid, the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning, and how to map arguments to reveal their structure. This course aims to introduce students to practices of argumentation, critical analysis, and evaluation. This unit introduces a topic that many students find intimidating: formal logic. In week three we will learn how to distinguish between deductive and non-deductive arguments and about validity, invalidity, strength and weakness. Using these techniques, you can solve many complicated problems simply by manipulating symbols on the page. In this unit, we will define the broad contours of critical thinking and learn why it is a valuable and useful object of study. Weeks five to seven examine three familiar areas – science, law, and morality – that call upon our logical and critical thinking skills in ways appropriate to the particular demands of those areas. The course touches upon a wide range of reasoning skills, from verbal argument analysis to formal logic, visual and statistical reasoning, scientific methodology, and creative thinking. Identify common obstacles to effective thinking. Strategic reasoning, problem solving, and creative thinking all rely on an ineffable component of novelty supplied by the thinker. Learners who joined this course have also enjoyed these courses. In this unit, you will learn the basic principles of Venn diagrams, how to use them to represent statements, and how to use them to evaluate arguments. Mastering these skills will help you become a more perceptive reader Understand the needs of people with dementia, and how to better support them and enhance their wellbeing towards the end of life. In addition to using predicate logic, the limitations of sentential logic can also be overcome by using Venn diagrams to illustrate statements and arguments. This course will introduce you to critical thinking, informal logic, and a small amount of formal logic. Offered by Duke University. I completed a Ph.D in Philosophy at Stanford University in 2008, specialising in Logic, and I am now a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Try out an online course to discover a new hobby, learn a new language, or even change career. Picking the arguments out from the rest of our often convoluted discourse can be difficult. Excluding course final exams, content authored by Saylor Academy is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or read our cookies policy for more information. We are constantly being given reasons to do and believe things: to believe that we should buy a product, support a cause, accept a job, judge someone innocent or guilty, that fairness requires us to do some household chore, and so on. Even though we’re called upon to use our critical and logical thinking skills all the time, most of us are not that good at it.

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