Clematis is a genus of about 300 species within the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae.Their garden hybrids have been popular among gardeners, beginning with Clematis × jackmanii, a garden standby since 1862; more hybrid cultivars are being produced constantly. The wild North American clematis, commonly called "Virgin's Bower" has small "frothy" white flowers that cover the large vine. The President clematis is a deciduous vine with large, star-shaped flowers, in vibrant violet-blue shades, having white filaments tinted with pink to deep red color. A few have been especially important in the development of very large flowers that can actually blanket the vine when it is … Large Flowered Clematis. There are over 300 species of Clematis in many different shapes and sizes. 2. Most species are known as clematis in English, while some are also known as … Indeed, the flowers are among the largest you will see in the genus Clematis. They are mainly of Chinese and Japanese origin. Montana clematis are wonderful for covering a roof or large … Large Flowered Clematis found in: Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty', Clematis 'New Love', Clematis napaulensis, Clematis 'Miss Bateman', Clematis x.. Brother Stefan Clematis They come to us from all over the world and each has its own special qualities. They bloom on old wood, on 1-year-old vines from the previous year and sometimes on new growth from old wood. It flowers in late spring to early summer and fall. The plant flourishes well in full sun or part shade in moist, well-draining soil. The Montana types have smaller flowers than the large-flowered ones, but they create a much larger mass of vine.

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