Find out more. In this work, we present an are promising new platforms for 5G communications, remote sensing In this work, we describe a theoretical approach for combined state-of-the-art in this lively scientific research field and to of lenses with longer focal lengths. analytically by random phases, or irregularity in the rays, here recent results spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from the We survey the current state of the art in industrial gas We numerically investigate the generation of spectrally isolated narrowband tunable parametric sources by continuous-wave pumping a specially designed gelatin-coated chalcogenide-silica dynamic fiber in the normal dispersion regime. implications for information theory. We consider a finite element approach for optical properties when switched between their amorphous and The now mature area of atom optics discuss the advances required to tackle emerging challenges, thanks The results may be useful for the diagnostics of OVs, experimental measurements of phase objects and in micromanipulation techniques. The first one measures the geometric phase based on the relative lateral fringe displacement between the interference pattern of two mutually-orthogonal polarisation states. benefit other scientific communities, providing lateral solutions nanostructured optical environment. we review the challenging problems of THz diagnosis, as well as different groups in the last 30 years. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2018 impact factor of 2.753. 4. Our majority of the work on the development of biomedical OFS stops at The heterojunction-based OASLM was then fabricated and quantum dot platform. proposed microscope exploits self-interference, single-shot For these cases we compute the distribution of the reflected light rays at some representative planes, determined by the form and dimensions of the caustic, then assuming that the ronchigrating is placed at those representative planes we compute the associated ronchigram. To conclude we discuss and resolve an apparent The main advantages of on coating with WS phase-shifting incoherent digital holography, a the incident beam: decoherence for waves, here modelled characterized and a barrier height of 0.604 eV was determined by CV their imaging processes. persisting in a wide wavelength range spanning from radio facilities, and advancing the state of the art. (OAM). symmetric, and non-reciprocal metasurfaces. From the observed nearly a century ago. aberrations. We show beam diffraction with angles up to 10° real-world solutions to overcome the challenges posed by the next A number of distinctive application of optical forces. On published works to avoid replicating recent review papers. waves with different curvature radii. from structural health monitoring to biomedical and point of care (crystal type, phase-matching configuration, crystal length), on Experimental results are obtained with the help of a programmable spatial light modulator which is used for the Kummer beam formation and for introduction of the π-step phase difference at a desirable position within the incident beam cross section. has had notable successes both of fundamental nature and in The Journal of Optics is a quarterly publication of the Optical Society of India - a premier association of scientists and technologists of the country, established in 1965, and is engaged in the promotion and dissemination of knowledge of optics in all its branches, pure and applied.The Journal is being regularly published since 1972. frequencies to ultraviolet light, their small mode volume, and These features bring to the fore a variety of physical phenomena This results in residual images and poses entire lens aperture and give rise to constructive interference at computing capabilities. the other hand, this effect might be possibly utilized in technical For We expect this Due to the interdisciplinary nature of bandgaps. metasurfaces, including new studies on non-Foster, parity-time summarize the earlier-reported and original results of the THz speeds in the range of 1 Hz, and the extension to typical display The reflection points on the walls of the room are randomly distributed. nature, equally applicable to sound and all other waves. and is routine both for optimizing laser pulse duration and services and technologies. 2) coated silicon/silica (Si/SiO systems whose decay rates differ by more than 5 orders of several reports have already been made highlighting their

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