Remove the peg from the hole. If you really can't stand the look, replace the neck. Level of difficulty depends on location of break, whether it has been previously repaired, and if it has a veneer. This will mean removing the metal rim rods or the dowel stick that support the neck. It is a simple process to replace the tuner. How To Replace the 5th String Peg On A Banjo What you are experiencing can sometimes happen if your neck has gone through some shrinkage due to environmental conditions. Can you fix a broken neck? How to use feeler gauges to control nut slot depth. If the banjo plays ok, leave it alone. Remove the old head. 2. Your banjo has an adjustable truss rod. Deciding it's time for a new banjo isn't a bad idea either. Cut a small round circle out of white paper. Product Instructions I-1811 Using Feeler Gauges to Control Nut Slot Depth. I'm with Brian on this. Remove the neck from the banjo rim. 1. It is a simple process to replace … The frets on a new banjo can be leveled or filed several times to remove wear before replacement is necessary. Check that all the L-Shoe brackets are tight, and their bracket holes are squarely aligned. How to use the Top Deflection Gauge for neck resetting and saddle routing, banjo head tensioning, and assessing and adjusting neck relief. You can buy finished Asian necks or have one of the luthiers on the BHO make one for you. In this video, you will learn about the disassembly, head replacement, reassembly and set up of a Deering upperline banjo. Put a small drop … To access the adjustment nut remove the strings, neck brace and endbolt. What you are experiencing can sometimes happen if your neck has gone through some shrinkage due to environmental conditions. 3. Deering Banjo Company Quality Control Manager Chad Kopotic once again guides us through the technical side of banjo. If you look at the back of your banjo, you’ll see a wooden dowel stick, a metal coordinator rod, or two metal coordinator rods running from the rim of the pot through the center and into the neck. Tighten the L-Shoe brackets. Bridges are easy to replace from this site, but setting them up well is harder, whilst essential for good performance. Fret leveling can be done at the factory or by an experienced banjo repairperson. Remove the neck. The main purpose of these rods (or sticks) is to connect the neck to the body of the banjo, which is called the pot.

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