It can be a frustrating endeavor. Naturally straight-haired people can do plenty with their locks, but getting it to curl can be an issue without the help of tools. It gives a professional salon look and leaves the hair frizz free. If you are born with straight hair, then it is challenging to get curly hair naturally. Here's how it usually goes: Things start off great, and your hair … If your hair texture is fine and straight, it's likely you've tried (and, ultimately, failed) to keep curls full and voluminous for an entire day. The biggest mistake Marjan says people make with their stick-straight hair is blowing it dry with a round brush, which smooths out all of the natural texture your hair needs to hold a curl. If you have straight hair and you’re wondering how to get curly hair naturally… About the product: this product is especially designed for curly hair but works perfectly for straight hair too. It smoothes out the baby hair and gives a neat look. However, there are plenty of tricks & tips you could use to get curly hair naturally like using a diffuser when blowdrying, applying sea salt spray, towel drying your hair, choosing the right haircut, and not washing your hair … It can be used on natural curls and permed hair … Styling your hair can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it comes to curls. Tips to make your hair curly naturally: • Creating a wavy look doesn’t require a great deal of effort, just a few products and clean hair. While there are unquestionably lots of techniques to make straight hair curly or wavy, here are a few suggestions that you can use for creating bouncy curls and waves without exposing your hair to heat.

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