When you do, the viewer should be taken from point A (not knowing anything or knowing very little about the topic) to point B (having a clear understanding of how they can achieve the results promised in the title). The introduction is where participants hear what they will get out of the webinar. Zoom with ExhibitView Software with Kyle Newman, Esq. To ensure your audience stays engaged throughout the whole presentation, make sure you whet their appetite with what’s about to come. One slide states what the webinar is about, one describes who you are, and one for any housekeeping rules. Input the start date, topic, registration, and click publish. In addition to keeping it short, keep any slides that introduce the topic clutter free. What they want is a hole. Pick a Webinar Tool. Turn any size of room into a video meeting space in minutes. If done well, it can convert to hot leads, increased sales, and business opportunities for the presenter. Also, spend no more than a couple sentences introducing yourself and why they should listen to you. Try to sound upbeat, and excited to share something that can change the lives of participants. Technical issues can turn your webinar into a disaster. The more you describe your target audience in detail and touch on their pain and challenges, the more they’ll feel understood. Show how you’ve achieved significant results yourself as a result of implementing the strategy that is about to be revealed in your webinar. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you the upcoming webinar series of how Nordic companies are using IBM solutions. With a weight loss product, they aren’t buying your product, they’re buying the body of their dreams. If it feels monotonous or self-centered, you can quickly lose interest. After watching hundreds of webinar presentations, I have noticed that when they are not structured in a certain way, and don’t flow well, the audience gets easily confused and lost. Our attention spans are dwindling each year. This will establish that much-needed trust. How to Write an Engaging Email Newsletter, How to Promote Your Webinars Using Instagram Stories, How to Create an Email Follow Up Sequence For Webinars, Attention natural health practitioners: How to double your client base for free, thanks to the internet, The little-known secrets to be back-pain-free naturally in 30 days, Attention career women: 5 steps to getting the man of your dreams. Webinars are excellent tools to teach a few persons or large audiences. The first words of any webinar should be strong and specific. This will impact sales considerably. January 30, February 6 and February 13, 2019, 1:00 PM ET This 3-part webinar series will address the challenge of staff turnover that many leaders in afterschool face. 1) Creating Your Webinar Introduction. The more you include stories and case studies, the easier it will be for your audience to digest the information and remain engaged. A smooth transition could look like: “If you’ve enjoyed this presentation and would like to learn more about how you can implement this strategy right now, I’ve put together a program called, The weight loss fast track formula.”, Alternatively, your transition could be, “I’ve delivered priceless information to you, right? They are buying the drill because they want to make that hole. Here are some extra tips on how to start a webinar introduction. A confident, engaging, introduction can make or break your webinar. If necessary, put on one slide. Get our latest article updates as soon as they are posted! Get honest feedback on tone, pace, and content. Required fields are marked *. The first step is to create your webinar and the introduction. For example, talk about how your client, “Lucy”, identified that one of her bad eating habits was skipping meals because she didn’t enjoy the meals provided at work. “Hello everyone and welcome to today’s session.”. In their joint webinar from August 13, Tobias Pentek and Prof. Dr. Christine Legner from the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) provide valuable insights from a study and introduce the CDQ Data Strategy Canvas as a tool to design a sustainable data strategy. Added by Sean Welch on November 12, ... introduce you to an enterprise-ready solution that fully integrates with Python to convert your analytics into a useable, interactable form: FICO Xpress Insight. And trust is a vital component for closing sales. For this example, we will use the ezTalks Webinar to easily set up the webinar. They are there for value, not to be policed. Yet a large part of your audience can miss what you can do if you don’t capture their attention with the perfect introduction. Once you sign up or download the mobile app, you can create your webinar on the dashboard. Future participants can see the great intro and be intrigued and engaged. In fact, your introductory slides should have two or three sentences, max. New Minesoft webinar series to introduce PatBase 2.0! Practice builds conviction. In a few sentences, cover basic rules, aiming for three minutes or less. A data strategy is a must-have for data-driven companies. A confident, engaging, introduction can make or break your webinar. For your webinar to be successful, it should consist of valuable content, a strong sell (or Call to Action), and an engaged audience. Then, your introduction should also describe who you are and why you’re sharing this information. Is it ok if I share with you how you can achieve your weight loss goals the fast and easy way?”. The example I often use here to illustrate my point is the drill. It’s difficult to inspire confidence in attendees if you’re going through your content at the start. DSC Webinar Series: How to Drive Python Model ROI & User Engagement. Focus on how you will solve their problems, but not just following other webinar introduction examples. However, if they are unable to introduce the content effectively, they can end up with disinterested attendees. ... 2. If you’re the moderator, spend a couple minutes introducing the speaker. As the presenter and moderator, you should log into your webinar room at least fifteen minutes before time. Step 3: Clear your fridge BEIS introduce series of webinars. Too often, presenters treat webinars as tutorials or lectures, which is the fastest way to lose your audience’s interest! Once you’ve completed the introduction of your webinar, run through it as if you were presenting it to a live audience to ensure it doesn’t exceed 15 minutes. Then, explain why the audience will benefit from watching your webinar in its entirety. Remember, the title will make or break the attendance rate of your webinar. In the example above, you’re simply asking permission to introduce your offer. However, please bear in mind that advice and guidance may change at short notice due to the nature of this unprecedented situation. Here you can upload an image that covers one or two key points you would like to start off with or. 5. Don’t sound like a robot. As webinars come with a time limitation, it is essential that you choose the right service tool so that you can make the most of it within the time frame allocated for the webinar. People don’t buy a drill because they want a drill.

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