If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Despite the similarities with Craigslist, Oodle has many characteristics worth talking about as well. Likewise, you can use online public records to find the names of homeowners using just an address. These landlords are sometimes referred to as “accidental landlords” – perhaps they purchased a second home as an investment property and are renting it out, or perhaps it came to them through an inheritance. When you upload your listings to Zillow, the listing can easily be pushed to a number of other sites. This site is intricately integrated into the entire Realtor family of products, so the information that both landlords and renters can get from the website is impressive in many ways. This is partly due to the result of housing policies dating back to the 1980’s and the shortage of stock available due to the housing crisis. State Mortgage & Expense Forbearance Resource Page – https://www.dfs.ny.gov/ DSS move have a selection of properties to rent in your area. Apartments.com has a name that tells you exactly what they have to offer: apartment complexes! Advertise your property for free or select one of the advanced packages. In a world that exists online in many ways and even more so on mobile devices, this can be hugely beneficial. Apartments.com Useful articles and supplemental information for you and for the tenant, Listing details aren’t as thorough as other sites, but it simplifies the process in a convenient way, Rental and sale listings are completely separated, which can limit what kind of tenants you will find. However, like many online sites, there is always the threat of a scammer lurking behind every post. The feature allows prospective renters to keep a credit report and application on file so that they can send it over immediately. Joining local groups for property, or even just general groups, is a great way to find property in your area being let by a private landlord. Like Craigslist, you don’t need to go through dozens of pages to fill out information about your property. While Doorsteps offers some differences to renters who are browsing on the platform, the listings from the following sites all link up through Cozy: Once you’ve managed to get your rental listings onto the best places to list an apartment for rent for free, you’re likely to be flooded with potential tenants. Bad tenants, on the other hand, can cause problems from day one. Zumper. Free to post whatever information you want without a required format, Can add your own HTML to make it look nicer, Bad reputation, but this is mostly a myth and good business can be found here, Tacky design, but you can use HTML to spruce up your listings, and this will help them stand out, Streamlined listing process makes it a fast an easy choice to add to your listing sites, Can publish directly to social media sites from Oodle, No clear syndication with other websites, so you’re only going to be exposed to traffic on Oodle, Limited photo resolution but you can add many photos to each listing, Listing on one sites gets you exposure on three, Tenants can sort listings by type, state, and specific area, Many visitors on Doorsteps, especially in college areas, No unique offerings outside of what Cozy offers, but this syndication is more of a positive than a negative, If you choose the wrong tenants or don’t follow through on checking their references, you may find yourself stuck in an eviction situation with a tenant that is simply bad news. Are you a landlord? Simply follow this link to get started. You can always put up a wanted ad in a shop window or on your local community board, saying a little about yourself and what kind of property you are looking for and a way people can get in contact with you. Doorstep Here's how it works. of these can make your rental property listing work easier than ever before! This site doesn’t have a huge amount of popularity, but it still has some noteworthy features to consider. Yes, we’re serious! It is a little weird to list “exposure” as a feature, but that’s exactly what Craigslist gives you. It is important to be a bit savvy and make sure that you NEVER give money up front before viewing a property and gaining confirmation that the landlord actually owns the property!! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., are all great ways to find private landlords. State Rent Assistance Resource Page – https://access.nyc.gov/ 0. The combination of powers between these three sites (which are all syndicated from Zillow) will help you to find your new renters quickly and easily! Zumper Find Properties to Rent in London and the Surrounding Area: RentDigs was created by landlords so it has a lot of features that landlords dig! What many people like about Cozy is that there are a lot of landlord-specific features. Many also offer advice about the whole process from start to finish, such as searching for a home in the local area,  how to navigate the interview process and negotiating the amount of the deposit and rent to pay in advance. TheHouseShop’s land registry verification means that tenants can search for private landlords in their own time, with a sense of security as they know they are safe from scammers. There are so many websites that house a list of private landlords to list their properties online, such as... Social Media. We have detailed the best ways for you to find private rented accommodation, so you can take the stress out of searching for a new home. Just remember that some features are locked behind a paywall! As the saying goes, if you don’t ask, you won’t get. Zillow is a property website that allows properties to be listed for both sale or rent in a convenient and clear way. Business Assistance – https://www1.nyc.gov/, Q: Can I still close on my property in state? The right tenants will keep the property in good condition, pay rent on time, and be generally enjoyable to work with! Where to find the right tenant. Apartment List is a unique choice among free rental sites because it is free to list, but there is a back-end fee if you end up renting through the site! State Eviction & Nonpayment Resource Page – https://www.nyhousing.org/ Like Craigslist, Oodle is a classified listing service. A: Depends on the city you live in – https://www.politico.com/, Where To List Rental Property For Free (With Reviews), Pushes listing out to more than 20 other websites, Many filters help the right tenants find you, Not the best choice if you have more than 50 units, Cannot link to other sites within your listing, but that’s not usually necessary, Interesting set of landlord-focused tools, Many landlord tools require payments or subscriptions, Tenants don’t directly browse Cozy, but rental applications are regularly brought in through partner sites, Filters make it easier for tenants to find you, Both map and list format results available, Instant Apply feature limited to specific cities at this time, Must have a PadListing account, but that is free to sign up for, Additional advertising services cost money but are easy to set up when needed. A: Yes – https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/19/success/real-estate-coronavirus/index.html, Q: Do I still have to pay property taxes? Find property to rent from private landlords, online agents and high street agents right across the UK Are you a private landlord? Facebook imports listings from Apartment List to make it easier than ever before for potential tenants to browse properties while they are using their social media. The landlord’s address can be their home, their office or another property they occupy. Every council has a dedicated page on their website to help guide their residents on finding local private accommodation, with a special emphasis on renting privately if you are receiving DSS and other benefits. Your Local Council. Move, previously only known as Realtor.com, is another interesting and free rental listing site that you may consider using. TheHouseShop.com, are the UK’s No.1 property marketplace, that pulls together thousands of private landlord listings from all over the web and houses them all in one convenient place, making the task of finding one that much easier for you. Apartment List has partnered with Facebook in the past to set up a rental marketplace. This means that someone just looking through information about the area may discover your rental by mistake and love it! You can advertise your rental properties on TheHouseShop for free! Many people decide that they would prefer to rent through a private landlord because they are fed up of paying the costly letting agent fees, which were costing the average tenant between  £223 – £500 in 2016. Craigslist is an open marketplace that is set up by city. Additionally, you get some of the highest exposure when using Apartments.com! Apartment List certainly isn’t your only option, and all of the other options on today’s list will not make you pay if you end up renting out the property. Often these can be recommendations through a colleague, friend, family member or even if you make a post on your social media platforms such as Facebook or Google+, you never know who in your social network may need to rent out a spare room or property, so it’s always worth trying this avenue too.

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