Would stay well clear and use stock x. I highly recommend GOAT to my friends and family!! This is not your typical cheaper leather that is chrome tanned that Nike tends to rely on. Their team are great I didn’t have a problem with them I told them my problem and they got back to me as soon as they can thanks again they really helped me out! Download the GOAT App. I bet they would be able to re-dye those and make them right as rain.. Thats why I use goat over other sneaker apps. Lol if it is Goat you better blast em. That’s why I am taking the time to do this. Reply. Absolutely terrible shipping time. Put the other one in the window for some sun for a day and it will do the same. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Once your order is verified, the seller will ship it to Goat themselves to check to see if the product is legit, then they will ship it to your house. Does GOAT put a security tag on them like StockX does? I had paid the import duty and my delivery status was updated and my order was delivered to me the next day(yesterday). Extremely reliable. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. No they just wrap the box with a paper, sticker and a card inside. Everything was good except import duty price as I had to pay £76 smh. Yea I'm thinking its a display model, maybe got too much sun? Regardless good review great customer service only issue was how expensive the import duty isalso my Jordans 1s & 4s came 2 weeks later because I ordered them both around November 10-11 ish. Customer service rep Gloria did a great job of explaining the process of shoes that did not fit the GOAT standard and how they found me replacement shoes that did in a timely matter. Blast em on twitter, only way to get anything done with GOAT, also why I only ever use stockx. Amazing Customer Service German was very helpful and understanding of the situation. Trending Winter 2020 See All. Everything was good except import duty price. GOAT App wouldn't refund these.. Close. Goat is a nice app and their customer support is great,fast and reliable. Same with their offer system, Not sure why people are okay with this lol it's like getting white Lance mountains and one shoe is already stripped. If so, the leather is unsealed and exposed to the elements like your skin is and will tan and absorb moisture like your skin does. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Tell you what to do though. I would definitely order from GOAT again but I don’t know I might think twice about purchasing an item as the import duty is pretty expensive. Wow man, that sucks! Thank you GOAT!!! Fellas were more than fast to respond which was amazing, support is always there to have your back and the support team are more than nice! So I got a message from FedEx saying your import duty is £76.16 and I was like wow as it was too expensive but I wasn’t surprised too. Great customer service and was able to resolve my issue in a timely manner. Goat needs to rectify the situation. They did a completely free return back to my credit card, not GOAT credit. Discover Shop All Timeline Styles Black Friday. I filed a dispute against them and only then did they admit that they were in the wrong and that they mislabeled their listing once they presumably realized it. Vachetta leather? This is not your typical cheaper leather that is chrome tanned that Nike tends to rely on. Share. You've already flagged this Read 1 more review about G O A T Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Deana 1 review. They have the best deals and have really good customer service. It's the principal of it though. Have sold on goat for years now. 0:27. I bought the off white nike airforce and the zip tag was missing even though it said it had everything in the box. Communication is great when it comes to working with GOAT. Posted by. https://twitter.com/tydzima/status/821485265982263296. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. App Features. US. Show us your goat card too derp, Damn the one on the left looks like the tanned version of the one on the right. If I get great customer service I don’t mind at all. PAST PRESENT FUTURE Discover the greatest sneakers from the world’s leading brands. Worst customer service ever! Useful. Successfully added to your wants. I've had issues with GOAT before and while their customer service is miles ahead of StockX typically, you really have to stand up to them. GOAT is ass. 11 days is nothing short of an eternity for online commerce in 2020Avoid unless you want to equivalent of snail mail in the 1800s. Download the GOAT app for reminders and exclusive promotions. If so, the leather is unsealed and exposed to the elements like your skin is and will tan and absorb moisture like your skin does. GOAT lives up to their highest standards. 78. I appreciate her efforts and great communication. I got my very first pair of Jordans from Goat and I love how they protect the customers from being scammed with some fake shoes. This annoyed me as GOAT doesn’t add import duty to your payments of your orders, the amount of import duty you pay depends on what country you live and the people working at customs in your country. Then I had other friends tell me to buy at StockX but I wanted too but at the same time because of the millions of stories and reviews I’ve seen and heard of StockX selling fakes made me stay away from their company. You want it to happen at the same time Oh and go with stockX next time :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Take them to a shoe hospital or cobbler. I’ve asked loads of ppl before hand if import duty was expensive and some of them said it was whereas others said they didn’t pay. Download the app to access exclusive drops, make offers on your most-wanted styles, and shop new releases, future classics and iconic styles from the past. From what I heard, their process is fast but the longest they have taken would be 2 weeks! Haha I wonder if the left one was a display model at a store or something so it tanned more. It took them 7 days just to START to ship something (which is today) and they say it'll be four more days before it arrives. Thank you guys for the awesome kicks! Have been waiting for a reply for 3 weeks in regards to a wrong order I received. Had to have been a display model or left out for whatever reason.. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Can't wait to get another pair again for the holidays! Shocking company, being hit with £166 import duty with no heads up and only offering a store credit minus postage. Trending Winter 2020. Thank you. Let us know if you go after them on Twitter, OP, so we can retweet for you. Like I said everybody’s been knowledgeable and very helpful in situations where I seemed like I was lost sometimes never made me felt like I was bothering anyone. Although its Thanksgiving he reaponded quickly and qas very helpful, Mr. Andrew at Goat... a1 help! Goat is a great app they have really nice helpful workers. Do not buy from here!

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