Scoville heat units (SHU): 800,000 – 1,001,304 Jalapeño reference point: 100 to 400 times hotter Origin: India Products and seeds: Bhut Jolokia Chocolate on Amazon The infamous ghost pepper is a devil of a chili: A slightly sweet super-hot with a deceiving slow burn. (They will start developing brown spots). Peel the garlic skins off and let cool. Sterilize 8 half pint or 4 pint jars and lids by boiling for 10 minutes or running through the "sterilize" … When it comes to hot peppers, this pepper delivers incendiary heat. A mature pod of the Chocolate Bhutlah pepper has an earthy, chocolate brown color spread smoothly over its wrinkled texture. Garlic cloves will take less time, make sure to remove them promptly after they are roasted. Place the peppers and garlic cloves in a griddle over medium high heat. What Does A Chocolate Bhutlah Look Like? Roast the peppers and garlic, turning regularly to have an even roasting. February 5, 2020 02/05/2020 9:27 am. Look: Edible Arrangements' Ghost Pepper Chocolate Covered Strawberries Photo credit (Getty Images) By Tim Convy. This pepper is a cross between a Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) and a Douglah peppers. Same super-heat, with smoky sweet undertones. Y98 St. Louis.

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