Other Names: Pineapple Guava, Guavasteen, Guayabo Del Pais, Brazilian Guava, Fig Guava. It’s also grown as a bonsai. The beans in the foot long pod are surrounded by white and smooth cotton-ish pulp that resembles the taste of vanilla ice cream. Learn to Grow a Carob Tree in our growing guide. It’s the national fruit of Japan and why not it’s nutritious and very unique in taste. Rich in vitamins A and B, this plum exceeds even citrus fruits in vitamin C content. What Does GMO Stand For And Are They Safe To Eat? Soil rich in organic matter gives the best results. Persimmon trees exist in two classes: native and Oriental. It can grow in highly saline soil and is also drought resistant. Other Names: St. John’s Bread, Carob, Locust Bean, Locust Tree, خَرُّوبٌ, חרוב‬, Carob Bush. Its self-pollinating nature and manageable size make it perfect for small space. Juicy fruits also have a thirst quenching quality to them. Fig - Ficus carica Figs are well known in the U.S. in their dried form but few people has tasted fresh figs. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and extremely drought tolerant. Will do well in neutral to slightly acidic soil. Other Names: Drumstick, mallungay, munga, munge, horseradish tree, drumstick plant. Other Names: Japanese medlar, nispero, Maltese plum, Japanese plum, 盧橘, pipa. Other Names: Wood Apple, kavat, kabith, kavath, velakkaya, divul, kvet, kawis, kawes, kaitha, mokey fruit, curd fruit, ma-khwit. Because of its high content of calcium, potassium, vitamin A, C, and antioxidants, its also called a miracle tree. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Young trees require weekly watering whereas watering needs recede as the tree matures. Oriental Persimmon. You can benefit from the goodness of this fruit for months as it’ll stay edible for a long time in the refrigerator. It’s very drought tolerant and doesn’t mind poor soil. If you live at such a place or really a busy person who can’t about trees growing in your yard, then these low maintenance and drought tolerant fruit trees are perfect for you. 5. Avoid really wet and heavy soil, rest all are suitable. It’s a tall, erect tree that can reach a height of 25 meters and produces juicy fruits with hard green shells that resemble small unripe mango. It can tolerate short drought periods but thrive best with regular watering. Contact. The Best Fast Growing Trees for Hot, Dry Climates. Other Names: Chinese pear, Nashi pear, Japanese pear, Korean pear, Taiwanese pear, Zodiac pear. Hot summers and mild winters are what it needs. It’s a wild tree, which can tolerate drought and poor soil easily. Many of the productive trees from this category are members of the large rose family (Rosaceae) , a group that includes apples, pears, cherries, plums and almonds (and which are known as pome fruits). 100 years ago scientist at experimental farms all over North America started breeding programs for hardy fruit trees and small fruit that would thrive in the harsh winters of Canada and the Northern USA. Don’t mistake the fruits for tomatoes; they might look alike but are different. Once established these 25 best Drought Tolerant Fruit Trees need very occasional or no supplemental watering to grow and produce fruits. Other Names: Indian fig opuntia, Barbary fig, cactus pear, Spineless cactus, Nopal Cactus. Other Names: Ice-cream-bean, Joaquiniquil, Cuaniquil, Guama, Guaba. The beans are used in traditional medicines for treating dysentery,  diarrhea, and reliving arthritic joints pains. Fruits are also rich in fiber, potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C making it invaluable. A warm location and a spot that receives sunlight throughout the day is where it’ll do best. Fruit production is best in full sun, so locate the plant likewise. It’s a drought tolerant plant but adequate watering during fruiting is required. It tops the list of exotic fruits and why not! Also, note that the fruits of the Chinese jujube varieties are sweeter and bigger than their Indian cousins. Can I know where we will find all these plant or seeds to grow in my field, I need all these trees to plant. Reddish white Flowers, as well as guava-like fruits, both are edible. It’s drought tolerant after establishment but will produce bountiful harvest if you water it once in a while. If you are looking for something new to plant go for Loquat. It takes as much as 40 years to test cultivars for hardiness and taste. Other Names: Bengal currant, Christ’s thorn, carandas plum, karonda. Other Names: Amrood, Brazilian Guava, Common Guava, Feuille de Goyavier, Goiaba, Goiabeiro, Goyabe, Goyave, Goyavier, Goyavier du Brésil, Guaiaba, Guaiava, Guavenbaum, Guayaba, Guayabo, Guayave, Jambu Batu, Koejawel, Lemon Guava, Mansala, Red Guava, Yellow Guava. Growing up to 10 meters tall it’s a deciduous tree, and the canopy of foliage provides welcome shade in hot tropical regions. It doesn’t grow above 12-15 feet tall. Trees planned for free-draining, south-facing slopes in southern areas are likely to suffer from hot dry summers and prolonged drought in future. Other types of trees that also do well are apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines and figs. We live in Fallbrook which is very dry Northern San Diego county. Yummy isn’t it! Constantly look out for common pests such as mites, aphids, scale, whitefly, and mealy bugs. Find out its medicinal benefits here. This fruit tree is native to India and Sri Lanka and found naturally in other South East Asian countries. Keep the soil moist for seedlings and young plants, reduce the watering once it is established. Valued both for its ornamental beauty and tropically flavored fruits. Also Read: Growing Pomegranates in Containers. Where can we get these trees ? Bring the tropical feel of deserts to your backyard with this low maintenance palm. It can grow in a wide range of soils and requires moderate shade to full sun. Widely used in cuisines for flavoring and in many Asian curry and chutney recipes, its pulp is a key ingredient. Native to South Africa, it is a small to medium size tree and can grow to a height of 6-9 meters tall. I started Garden of Luma when we moved into our new home in 2016. They are easy to plant in both garden and containers. The grapevine is very common and grown commercially for wine production, juice production, and table grapes. Remember, Indian jujube varieties are more drought and heat tolerant than Chinese varieties. Pomegranate trees are a good fruit for hot, dry conditions. The mouthwatering red fruits are rich in vitamin A, B, and C and can be used in various soup, pie, sauce and salad recipes. They can be planted in the spring or fall. If you live in an area with a hot, dry climate this article will help you know what to grow for cooling shade. A wonder plant when it comes to medicinal uses and benefits. OMG I love your websites, they are so useful and give off so much information, I love it! They can be planted in the spring or fall. It requires regular watering when it’s young, once established, it thrives on neglect. Priced for its medicinal uses in Ayurveda because it treats ailments such as stomach pain acidity, indigestion, fresh and infected wounds, skin diseases, urinary disorders, and diabetic ulcer.

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