I had trouble printing the original Fredman SM57 mic clip due to all the retraction with the text. It involves blending the two microphones to dial in a great guitar tone with less “fizz” by utilizing phase cancellation. $19.68 + shipping . Not to mention that it's an absolute pain in … No orientation change is needed to print, just slice and print. But $25 is a joke. This clip works with the following microphones: Shure SM57 x 2 Shure Unidyne III x 2 If this were $5, then fine. The Fredman technique is utilized for mic’ing guitar cabs. So I would definitely NOT recommend the Fredman clip from Wilkinson Audio. The Clip 55 added is redesigned at the original angle. This item The Fredo Dual SM57 Fredman Style Mic Clip Holder. $12.99 + $5.99 shipping . Fully Adjustable Studio Quality. Fredman Shure SM57 Mic Microphone Double Clip 45 ° Holder For Studio Live Record. It's so plainly obvious that it's 3D printed, they didn't even take the time to smooth it out a bit. Fredman SM57 to Condenser Microphone Clip Holder Retainer Recording Music Studio. Opens image gallery. Neewer Adjustable Microphone Bar Zinc Alloy Construction with 5/8-inch Screws for Holding 2 Mics or Boom Arms, Shock Mounts in Vocal Recording Broadcasting and Press Conference. Picture Information. This is a remix of the Fredman SM57 clip by Xavier. I have removed the text and now it prints much better on my printer and faster too. Image not available.

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