Unscrew it and then separate the two halves of the control (the top and bottom plastic parts) gently. Most of the remote controls have a screw inside the battery cover. Uni-body rubber buttons Be careful not to crack any plastic parts. Generally, If you have a remote control problem, you should check the battery at first. In general the remote control devices have 3 main parts: 1. Once the remote is successfully paired with the Roku device, the remotes battery status will show up on the top right corner of the TV screen. So I know the battery connections are good and that its holding a charge. However, when I correct the battery leads directly to the motors, the wheels start spinning. If so use a digital camera or a mobile phone camera to see if the remote is working. Plastic covers (bottom and top) 2. … If that does not work, please follow another method. Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote. First remove these batteries and dispose safely. The remote pairing dialog should appear on your TV screen. You've fixed the problem, and you can go back to using your key fob as normal. Even if that doesn't fix the problem, you'll have a safe, fresh battery once you do get your locks working again. To test the remote try the following: Check that the battery connection terminals in the remote are bright and shiny and that there is enough 'tension' in the terminals, on the batteries, to ensure a good connection. Power on the Roku device and wait for 30 seconds for the remote to establish a connection with it. Circuit board. I opened the battery case and saw that the cells (AAA – battery) were worn out long back. Before you try to fix problems with your Roku remote, you should figure out which one you have. If your car key remote works after replacing the battery, then you’re done. 3. • Check the battery terminals. • Clean the upper edge of the remote control (transmission window). Thank you so very much! It happened to me also, my remote control for the Television cable set-top box stopped working all of a sudden. When I connect the battery nothing works regardless of switch settings. You will need either this cheap and c… • Replace the remote control batteries. I thought for sure the remote was “history.” After trying to clean the battery compartment out myself, and putting fresh batteries in (only to find the remote still wouldn’t work), I found your website and followed the steps above. How to Fix Key Fob & Remote Control Buttons: If you have a key fob or remote control with buttons that have ceased to function, or that require you to press hard to get them to work, you can use these steps to get it functioning again in very little time. Once the remote was dry, I put the batteries in and it worked!

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