Tourist friendly attitude is the surest way to promote tourism. The purpose is to generate tourists from both local and international marketplaces on a regular basis. Tourism is a driving force for poverty alleviation, job creation and social harmony and role of tourism in creating mutual understanding and Social harmony can be the leading one. Some schools of thought have for example sought to categorize the role of transportation in tourism into negative, positive, and neutral. Tourism is highly dependent upon transport technology and the consequent improvements in efficiency and safety of travel. Tourism in India is of great value to the government of India as they generate ₹15.24 lakh crore which is 9.4 % of India GDP in 2017 and the expectations are an annual growth rate of 6.9% annually. )which in terms of tourism will be the basics for the attraction of a given destinations well. #SuvadinRoleModel I am aiming to help Nepali Tourism reach newer heights: Deepak Raj Joshi “I had not clearly thought whether if I would be in the tourism sector, but I did have interest and natures matching with tourism, and loved traveling and take photographs of beautiful places,” shared Deepak Raj Joshi on how it all began. Introduction. In the tourism industry, advertising is one of the most important procedures that a community or a company must have to generate. The government gets involved in tourism in several ways which enable all players to carry out operations harmoniously. The role played by transportation in tourism development remains controversial mainly because there are various schools of thoughts regarding its role in comparison with development. Essay on the Role of Human Resource Management. Tourism and Events Government Role Introduction Government roles provide an essential ingredient in determining the success achieved in tourism. Promoting tourism is like promoting the larger goal of peace and harmony around the world. The Role and Importance of Cultural Tourism in Modern Tourism Industry 203 According to HOFSTEDE (1997) the core of a culture is formed by the values (Figure 1. It benefits the tourist in the … Tourism in India – Essay 3. Essay About Tourism In Nepal 1505 Words | 7 Pages. In countries where running travel and events is left only to the private sector, the performance is usually […]

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