Information Engineering, Method/1 and BSP)1, 2. Earlier based on my analysis of multiple reasonably mature and successful EA practices I presented the process view of an EA practice articulating three distinct but interrelated processes: strategic planning, initiative delivery and technology optimisation in The process view of enterprise architecture practice. Enterprise architecture helps businesses going through digital transformation, since EA focuses on bringing both legacy applications and processes together in an attempt to form a seamless environment. The Enterprise Architecture Standards are packaged as ‘Reference Content’, and is both agnostic and vendor neutral. Besides other things, Enterprise architecture practice on a page explicitly emphasises one critically important fact regarding an EA practice which is too often neglected: dialogue between various stakeholders is the core of an EA practice and constitutes the very essence of most EA-related activities. These three processes together provide a high-level picture explaining how an EA practice generally works. It is now perfectly clear that all these EA methodologies and frameworks actually represented only passing fashions of no real substance: Enterprise architecture frameworks: the fad of the century2. planning and implementing enterprise analysis to successfully execute on business strategies Sometimes, an organization fails to effectively deliver enterprise architecture. What processes constitute an EA practice and who participates in them? While there are numerous guides out there on how best to go about getting business buy-in or deliver effective enterprise transformation, they are oftentimes underwhelming. 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Each of these processes is based on specific types of EA artifacts from the CSVLOD model (see Six types of enterprise architecture artifacts and The relationship between enterprise architecture artifacts): strategic planning on considerations and visions, initiative delivery on outlines and designs, while technology optimisation on standards and landscapes (see Enterprise architecture on a page (PDF) for typical examples of respective EA artifacts). 29-37. Enterprise architecture practice on a page can be helpful in many ways to various people involved in EA-related activities: The full version of Enterprise architecture practice on a page is freely available to download. Watkins argues that a green strategy should be discussed around every boardroom table. Nevertheless, during my own research of EA practices in organisations I realised that despite the evident chaos observed in the EA literature, a set of remarkably consistent best practices around enterprise architecture has emerged in industry. What questions are discussed as part of these processes? There are so many of them, that it is hard to keep up. informational contents, presentation formats, typical use cases, lifecycles and purposes (see Enterprise architecture on a single page). How do these processes fit into the organisational context? In this article, I will introduce another helpful deliverable called Enterprise architecture practice on a page. Enterprise architecture practice on a page has been discussed with a number of experienced enterprise architects who generally approved it, found it useful and provided their improvement suggestions – many of which I have incorporated into the resulting model (though, certainly not all of them fully agreed with all aspects of the model). Kotusev, S. (2016) ‘The History of Enterprise Architecture: An Evidence-Based Review’, Journal of Enterprise Architecture, Vol. Kotusev, S. (2018) ‘TOGAF: Just the Next Fad That Turned into a New Religion’, In: K.L. Likewise, every company has its own business case preparation approach, investment approval procedure, project delivery methodology and lifecycle, that all have to be properly integrated with the initiative delivery process through respective architectural reviews, assessments and approval gates. 1, pp. They misunderstand how to apply it, how to develop it, or how to sync it with the rest of the business. Various frameworks, modeling languages, tools and techniques have been developed, published, used and tested in practice. Why? Since 2013, Gartner has observed a dramatic resurgence and growth of interest in enterprise architecture (EA). With the exception of commercially motivated TOGAF trainers and rare faithful zealots firmly convinced of its fundamental value, most practicing architects readily admit that TOGAF at best offers only a haphazard ‘dictionary’ for enterprise architecture, where some useful EA artifacts or separate inspirational ideas can occasionally be found. However, early architecture-based planning methodologies all proved impractical long ago, disappeared without a trace and today almost no one remembers that they ever existed. Much of the growth and interest is being driven by the demands of digital business and the need for CIOs to start, restart or renew their EA programs. How do these processes relate to each other, to the external business environment and to the organisational IT landscape? Ironically, but the decades of motivating promises, excessive promotion and irresponsible marketing did not produce any systematic evidence-based descriptions of an EA practice and did not engender a sound understanding of how successful EA practices actually work.

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