It was introduced in 1730 and assigned the genus of the Middle Eastern redbud… Eastern redbud is usually one of the first trees to bloom in spring. Peanuts, beans, peas, […] Pink to reddish purple flowers are grown on old twigs, branches, and trunks. Eastern Redbud Family: Fabaceae (Leguminosae) / Height: 15-20′ Spread: 18-25′ / Growth Rate: Medium. This handsome tree bears small pink flowers in spring before leaves appear. Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8 Fabaceae, or legumes, are mostly herbs but include also shrubs and trees found in both temperate and tropical areas. Later brown fruit pods form. They comprise one of the largest families of flowering plants, numbering some 400 genera and 10,000 species. Hardy to -30°F Maximum Elevation: 6,000 ft. It does well in sun and part shade. When mature, the alternately arranged leaves are about four inches long, This strain is grown from seed collected at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. After bloom, the leaves begin growing and gradually turn dark green. Flowering occurs in March to May before leaf growth. This tree is native to the eastern United States and Canada. Selected for hardiness by the University of Minnesota and introduced in1992. It is a member of the pea family, bearing the signature flower shape.

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