Just off the southern wall lie a reconstruction of the old city walls. Two cannons guard the main gate to the fort on the eastern wall, adorned by flags of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Go from Dubai Museum back to Dubai Sightseeing, Go from Dubai Museum back to Dubai Holidays and Dubai Information. Traditional musical instruments are also displayed next to a video of folkloric music. Life-size dioramas of the pre-oil era await behind the next door. Turn Your Hobby Into a Living Like We Did. It comprises seating and sleeping areas as well as a kitchen, filled with household furnishings and objects used by the locals in past times. The Al Fahidi court thus provides the ambience and setting for a perfect museum. "... house cafe and water section The best part about Oli Oli is that it is creatively … You will also most likely be surprised as you go into the museum as you come across interesting display of various artifacts like musical instruments, deadly weapons, exciting wind tower models, etc. Apart from this, interesting artifacts and antiques from Asia and Africa are on display. Inside the Museum, you will find local antiques and artifacts from countries like Africa and Asia that traded with Dubai. Dubai: An Emirati man has opened to the world his private collection of ancient manuscripts and artefacts from different civilisations 30 years in the making. You can visit the museum anytime between 8.30 AM to 19.30 PM from Saturday to Thursday and between 13.30 PM to 19.30 PM on Fridays. It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort (Arabic: حصن الفهيدي‎), built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. It was built of coral rock and mortar in several phases. Quite a number of the artifacts inside the museum date back up to 3000 BC. The most popular times are from August to April. [2] The total area of Dubai museum is 4,000 square meters. This place houses ancient boats and the various boat models used in the past for ferrying across the Dubai Creek. Visitors can reach Dubai Museum by public buses through the Ghubaiba or Fahidi bus stations nearby[3] or by metro station of the Ghubaiba or Fahidi which is also located nearby. When entering, one can see the fort constructed and the various displays that go along with it. Dubai Museum (Arabic: متحف دبي‎) is the main museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Life-Size Dioramas. "Al Fahidi Fort" redirects here. This museum came into existence in the year 1971. Once they enter, visitors will set foot on the deck of a dhow unloading at the model creek-side souq. Some of the most popular exhibits you will come across are: Old Dubai Fortification Wing . Next is the largest diorama which is all about the sea, with a huge scene of the building of a dhow, scenes of marine life detailing local species, in addition to a collection of seafaring equipment. The fort was used to guard the landward approaches to the town from the raids of neither ruler's palace, a garrison, and a prison. This museum and art gallery is located ideally on Jumeirah Beach Road and is open everyday between 10 AM and 6.30 PM. After you finish touring the Dubai museum, consider visiting the Miraj Islamic Art Centre as well. Enchanting Arab houses, schools, souks, mosques, marine life, etc are some of the aspects highlighted here. Visiting the museums in Dubai is sure to give you interesting insights into the evolution of the culture and civilization there. In 2007, Dubai Museum received 1,800 visitors daily, with a yearly total of 611,840. The street leads to a model of a mosque, house and family, then turns to the right where it is surrounded by depictions of desert life with a date farm, a camel, wild animals, and a Bedouin tent filled with jewelry, trinkets and objects from the daily life of Bedouins. Below it there is a map that shows the urban scape of the city growing in sync with the timeline of the video. Rented cars or tours operators also provide transportation services. For the horse race, see, "Dubai Museum gets over 1 Million Visitors in 2013", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dubai_Museum&oldid=973516846, History museums in the United Arab Emirates, National museums of the United Arab Emirates, Articles with Arabic-language sources (ar), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Covers the archaeology and history of Dubai, and a historic site by itself, This page was last edited on 17 August 2020, at 17:17. Another exciting feature of this museum is the dioramas housing life sized figures with fantastic effects of lighting and sound. After descending the spiral stairs visitors enter the first gallery, where old maps of Dubai are displayed. Next to them stands a tall dhow (traditional boat) in the middle of a large courtyard that covers the underground galleries. It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort (Arabic: حصن الفهيدي‎), built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. Some of these artifacts are from eras dating back to the third millennium BC. The intention of the ruler who inaugurated this museum was to preserve the historic information and artifacts for posterity. You will be welcomed at the entrance by ancient maps of the Gulf of Emirates along with pictures of the ever changing Dubai over a period of time. There is a mind boggling variety of antiques from the Middle East on display and this museum sells art and craft work of the regional craftsmen and artists. Finally, the winding track leads to a gallery displaying finds from other sites and historical eras, like the Umayyad site at Jumeirah. Copyright © Dubai-Information-Site.com All Rights Reserved Traditional life of Dubai is kept alive here. The gift shop is the last stop before a spiral ramp takes you up to the museum's southern exit. Entrance per adult is only 20 AED, very interesting and quite boring place. [1] The Museum received over 1 million visitors in the year 2013. It also includes several dioramas showing life in the emirate before the advent of oil, in addition to artifacts from recent discoveries as old as 3000 BC. A well maintained and run museum is a tourist’s delight. The fort has a designed path to the main galleries. In addition to this, visitors will come across several dioramas that exhibit the way of life in the emirate before the emergence of oil.

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