One method specifies hemoglobin electrophoresis as the initial screening technique, followed by a solubility (dithionite) test when a (nonspecific) "S band" is noted. solubility test(7,8),butstillnodisclosures or specifications areforthcoming. solubility test: a screening test for sickle cell hemoglobin (Hb S), which is reduced by dithionite and is insoluble in concentrated inorganic buffer; addition of blood showing Hb S to buffer and dithionite causes opacity of the solution. An inexpensive, rapid, convenient screening tube test for the detection of hemoglobin S and non-S sickling hemoglobins has been developed, which has a molecular basis. SICKLEDEX Reagent Powder vials contain Saponin and Sodium Hydrosulfite. With this process allowed solubility test to be carried out.Reagent for Hb S solubility TestThe test for Hb PRECAUTIONS 1. This reaction evolves heat, which can further accelerate the reaction or cause surrounding materials to burn. Warning: Sodium Hydrosulfite is a flammable solid and strong reducing agent. Does not differentiate between hemoglobin S Sodium dithionite is a combustible solid which slowly decomposes when in contact with water or water vapor, forming thiosulfates and bisulfites. SICKLEDEX Solubility Buffer is a 2.3 M potassium phosphate buffer solution. False-positive solubility test for sickling may be due to polycythemic blood; interference by some forms of hyperglobulinemia; and a variety of abnormal hemoglobins, including I, Bart, C Georgetown, Alexandra, C Harlem, Porto Alegre, Memphis/S, C Ziguinchor, and S Travis. Sodium dithionite has a water solubility of 18.61 g/100 mL solution (approximately 186.1 g/L) at 20.0 °C. The reagents consist of potassium phosphate, sodium dithionite, and saponin. sickle Cell DiseaseWith High concentration of phosphate buffer, it give hemoglobin S (Hb S) insoluble in the reduce state.When in the buffer, it form a shape like water crystal. Experimentially derived data, the examination of solubility of sodium dithionite was one of the main purposes of the literature. If you find our videos helpful you can support us by buying something from amazon. 2. A positive reaction also occurs in the presence of … Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) Na 2 O 4 S 2. Refer to SDS. Sodium dithionite EMPLURA ® Synonym: Sodium dithionite, Sodium hydrosulfite, Sodium hypodisulfite CAS Number 7775-14-6. Sickle Cell Screening Test: Sodium Dithionite (Solubility Test) Most commonly used screening test for Hemoglobin S Based on the relative insolubility of hemoglobin S when combined with a reducing agent (sodium dithionite) Concerns Solubility Test. The preservative is 0.1% 2-chloroacetamide. MDL number MFCD00011640. Itano andPauling introduced (9)theuseof sodium dithionite inphosphate-buffered solutions ... Alldithionite tube test specimens read as positive (Figure 1)may beduetobothhemo-globin Sandnon-Ssickling hemoglobins (4). EC Index Number 231-890-0 The crystal refract and deflect light ray, as such yield a turbid solution. If the mixture becomes cloudy, Hb S is likely present; Another type of sickle test involves the use of metabisulfite. 1 Positive tests should be confirmed by hemoglobin fractionation. Molecular Weight 174.11 . For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Solubility test solubility test A screening test for sickle cell haemoglobin ( hb S ), which is reduced by dithionite and is insoluble in concentrated inorganic buffer ; addition of blood showing hb S to buffer and dithionite causes opacity of the solution . A Sickle Turbidity Tube Test involves the addition of dithionite to a blood sample.

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