These knives were designed to be in increasing order of blade sizes, Number 1 being the shortest and Number 12 is the longest. Non-locking blade. The traditional Opinel pocket knife is lightweight and inexpensive while displaying simple sophistication. Includes key chain. Non-locking blade. In 1897, Joseph Opinel developed a series of 12 knives, numbered from 1 to 12. The traditional Opinel pocket knife is lightweight … Opinel Number 1 was discontinued in 1932 for being too small with just 2 cm long blade. The Astounding Opinel Number Series . Smaller Opinel models (Nos. This traditional Opinel #2 folder has a stainless steel blade and blue wood handle with no locking safety ring. The current Opinel knife consists of a blade, wooden handle, stainless steel metal clamping band, stainless pivot pin (axle), and (except in the case of the smaller models) a stainless steel Virobloc locking collar, which locks the blade open or closed.. This Opinel #2 folder has a Carbon steel blade and Beechwood handle with no locking safety ring.

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