I’m not sure as I haven’t tried it. I hope this helps! I looked up in Japanese – it says for mochi like this, the amount of sugar can be half to equal weight as the cooked mochi. I’d say majority of mochi ice cream use food coloring, but if you make it at home you don’t have to. Shiratamako is NOT rice flour. . Rice flour is made from regular rice – the rice we eat everyday in Japan. The combination of the pillowy sweet outer and rich creamy chocolate centre results in one of the most indulgent squidgiest truffles you will ever try! Also, you may want to double-check that your Shiratamako is made from glutinous short-grain Japanese rice. Take … I can totally see her jaw drop when I serve this at dinner…hahaha! Thanks for trying this recipe. High, medium, or low? The question is whether this mochi dough from the mochi maker is good for a daifuku (with ice cream or anko), what do you think? I live close to several Japanese grocery stores so I can get the glutinous rice flour (sweet rice flour) easily. xoxo. Can I use this recipe and put a sweet red bean paste inside instead? Hi Nami, thanks for the recipe, I will try it this weekend! The only way to prevent that happening is to coat your hands/fingers or surface where mochi touches and it will be no issue. Mochiko is easily accessible on Amazon (http://amzn.to/29zllew) in the US. Do they lose texture, freshness, etc if stored in a deep freezer? You will need to freeze the mochi ice cream right after you make them because ice cream inside the mochi is still too soft (and could be runny). Hi Lil! Now I have 4 times the dough. . I had to add 4 times the flour to bring the recipe back. I usually make it with microwave because it only takes 2 and half minutes to cook mochi. Try Mochi ice cream! Please clarify for me. Oh wow that combination sounds delicious! Now sure how hot it is but I can see it could be difficult to make this if you’re new to making mochi dessert and your kitchen is not cool enough. ” ¾ cup Shiratamako (glutinous rice flour/sweet rice flour) (¾ cup = 100 g) (See Notes) ¾ cup water (¾ cup = 180 ml)”. So don’t be too hard on yourself too. Its basically summer all year long. And also does the dough be hot or room temp when it is rolled out? Can i store the already cooked mochi dough in the fridge? Our family love mochi ice cream, special my husband (that guy will give you anything for a mochi ice cream ball). Also, my kitchen is never cool enough to make mochi ice cream. Stir in sugar and blend until dissolved, then reduce heat to medium low. No affect. Scooped ice cream needs to remain in a ball shape so we can wrap the mochi around it. Hope you enjoy the recipe! We’re sorry to hear that your first try did not work for you. I can take a look if you can send me a photo too. and scoop the batter (same amount) etc. Next time you can sprinkle whenever you eat ice cream. This delightful dessert with refreshing cool ice cream inside soft mochi shell is one of my family’s favorite, and not that hard to make at home yourself. The ice cream just keeps on melting whenever I put them inside the mochi. Hey, I went for it. Not everywhere, but it’s possible it gets sticky on the new surface… Sorry my English is not good to explain the situation very well. This is very common way to make mochi (gyuhi). When you eat store-bought mochi, you’re actually eating it (without realizing it). My daughter loves strawberry and my son likes vanilla. One at a time, use a rolling pin to … All images and content on this site are copyright protected. This is the most helpful website I have found it is for all flavors of mochi and tips and tricks to make it right, Hi Callie!

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