The characteristics of the family may be considered from the general point of view and specific point of view, From the general point of view the characteristics of the family are as follows :-. Family is based on emotional ties. These are cases in which some parents, for whatever reason, are not in a position to take care of their children for a while and must let another family take care of them. Every family has an economic provision to satisfy the economic needs of its members. Referring to one of them, Allard (1976) argues that the family must meet the needs of having, relationship and being. Family traits are just things that appear within your genetic line. A mating relationship is the precondition to establish the family, without it family cannot be formed. Having the patience to manage the awkward situations without complaining. The ability to tolerate others behaviour so as to encourage peace. Family is the most universal of all the groups, associations and institutions in the human society. Copyright. Above all, the family socializes the child, which helps in the development of human personality. Relationship Needs : They refer to socialization, to love and to feel loved and accepted by others, to communication. It has existed in every society ancient, medieval and modern and is found in all parts of the world. The members of the family are known by the nomenclature or by a distinctive name. Do you wonder what characteristics make healthy families? The Meaning and Characteristics of Family! Thus, family exercises most profound influence on its members. Just think about the many personalities and roles that family … The emotions and sentiments of love, affection, sympathy, co­operation, friendship etc. Making their worries your priority as you proved solutions. Your ability develop and invent unique strategies to handling different life events. Showing the willingness to listen when they have something to say creates a feeling of love and not being neglected. Showing gratitude for the large and every little things done to encourage each other to … How much you are able to push and motivate the other to be persistent in doing the right thing. These are simple guides to learn and improve to having a healthier and most ideal family. Needs to be : They are nothing more than the sens… Family is a primary group; as such its size is quite limited. All the members of the family are emotionally interwoven with one another. There are different Types of family: Nuclear, homoparental, childless, single parent, reconstituted, extended, adoptive, grandparent and foster care. 4. find their expressions in the family particularly in mating, procreation and parental care. Content Guidelines Thus, family exercises most profound influence on its members. Hair and eye colors, height, and the shape of our noses can typically be found in one or both of our parents. In Roman law, the word denoted the group of producers and slaves and other servants as well as members connected by common descent or marriage. 1. It is because family is the most changeable of all important organisaions. They allow people outside of their immediate family to help in times of need and are willing to get help outside of the family unit. Family also teaches the social qualities like obedience, tolerance, sympathy, love, affection, and sacrifice. Hence, biological conditions demand that the family should be limited in size. Showing gratitude for the large and every little things done to encourage each other to do more. They might not come easily as they would have were they taught to you as a child, but with practice they can become a regular part of your family life. is a free service that lets you to preserve your original articles for eternity. Some characteristics, such as the shape of your hairline or whether your earlobes are attached or detached, are inherited. ADVERTISEMENTS: (i) Family is “a group … Ailments such as high blood pressure or mental illness have a hereditary factor, too.

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