3 0 obj However, across all five salmon species, the 2020 season disappointed with 116.8m fish harvested due to lower pink and chum volumes, a 44% decrease from the 2019 total harvest of 208.3m fish and the eighth-lowest harvest by poundage since 1975, ADF&G said. COVID-19 recap, Nov. 26: 2020 shrimp output better than feared? COVID precautions combine with strong harvest, marketing to power Bristol Bay through 2020 season PDF. His colleague, Tradex business development associate Nathan Brown, said that from the beginning of the pandemic there were "really, really strong" retail sockeye sales, much of it from consumers who were used to eating out but chose sockeye as their "protein of choice" to eat at home. The BBRSDA’s research efforts supplement data collection by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, which has seen its budgets cut in recent years. $140k. With regards to its budget, the BBRSDA brought in close to $3m in revenues in 2019 but is estimated to have brought in only about half of that in 2020. With regards to "how to address the price situation", most respondents wanted the BBRSDA to obtain more "transparency about the 2020 price from processors” and for processors to end the practice of "open tickets", whereby harvesters go out fishing before knowing how much they will be paid for their catches. The mechanism by which processors in the US state of Alaska determine how much to pay sockeye salmon fishermen is a "black box", and especially so this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic that sent base prices tumbling, the head of a trade group believes [...]. Sign up to our newsletter, Processors' lackluster ops beyond Bristol Bay seen as driver of low 2020 salmon price, Trade insights: 100,000t cut from China's shrimp imports since COVID-19 scare. 2020 Catch Bristol Bay Salmon Co. is now Kvichak Fish Co! Additionally, in terms of whole fish, Alaskan sockeye competes most closely with farmed Canadian supply but Chile is increasing its share in this market as well. <>/Metadata 315 0 R/ViewerPreferences 316 0 R/PageLabels 317 0 R>> Lilani Dunn, the BBRSDA’s marketing director, said that the organization was able to execute fresh and re-fresh promotions in nearly 2,000 stores this season, doubling last year’s count. The BBRSDA meeting also included guests from Canadian seafood wholesaler Tradex Foods as well as Urner Barry market reporter Janice Schrieber who discussed market conditions for sockeye. BBRSDA is sponsoring ex-vessel price reporting from the Bristol Bay FIshermen’s Association (BBFA) to make them available to all S03T permit holders. Salmon, Commercial Fishing Limited Entry Permit listings for Sale. It pushed last week’s statewide harvest of 22 million fish to double the entire catch of the eight weeks prior. He added, though, that the lower price of farmed sockeye brought down the price that consumers are willing to bear. This year, for example, the Bristol Bay sockeye landings came in strong with 34.9m caught, 14% above the preseason forecast and the fifth-highest on record. But the reality is that statewide Alaska processing costs and the performance of other seafood that processors handle also goes into it, Wink said. 2020 Bristol Bay Ex-Vessel Salmon Prices (10/7/2020) Processor *Sockeye Base Price/lb. Where it ends up in 2020 remains to be seen. At Bristol Bay, a catch of just over 40 million salmon was valued at $140.6 million to fishermen, down from 44.4 million fish and a record payday of $306.5 million in 2019. 4 0 obj Respondents gave "opposing Pebble Mine", marketing and advertising Bristol Bay sockeye, supporting fishery management for maximum sustainable yield and improving fish quality as their other preferred priorities. "Fishermen put their fish into the system and money comes out the other side but there doesn’t appear to be a lot of rhyme or reason or transparency about that," he said. ... Just listed 9/3/2020. endobj In our effort to keep prices low and to bring our customers the best quality seafood in the world, we have joined up with our partners at Kvichak Fish Co. We still offer the same products from the same people. Please check your inbox to reset your password securely and easily. In quality efforts, the BBRSDA subsides ice supply barges, research and development efforts, and plans to train more technicians in refrigerated seawater systems used to keep fish cold. Andy Wink of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA), which represents the bay's drift-net fleet, and other panelists spent a 90-minute meeting last week sharing data and anecdotes to help explain why base ex-vessel prices paid to fishermen are down so sharply this year. "It was pretty clear that getting transparency about the 2020 price was most important. "At the beginning of the year when there was so much panic, we saw some really low sockeye prices, which also helped with sales. Chilled/lb. RSW/lb. "This is all in spite of some spring promotions that were canceled due to COVID-19," she said. ]GF�FR�:@��=�`�h\w���. stream ~;��A�3� $�I/���,t~8 ��ǭΈ0y�]��_�D�G���w}��%�ğ/�S �=�j_I�d �{@ ��(�'�N�D�' +7dP�+��$�z�2�M��f�gNܣH�Ld1�m����*a�A��PAO"�Ԇj�:a�[䝄T3��T3��� �.V緈Y��D�"V���OPz9K�7����:#�i ��k*��rA)!��� �Qf�gq�b��b � G)f�J�əL�9��٥�A1e��a�bҢZԯ�a�e��H&����鷯ķ��'uߞQ���BB���4�]t�!Z'�L�c@�>Kį#qЎ�n⿑�-jA�рr� ��MvN�� ��s`6�! So coming into this year there’s a high demand for retail programs to support sockeye salmon," he said. 2 0 obj The mechanism by which processors in the US state of Alaska determine how much to pay sockeye salmon fishermen is a "black box", and especially so this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic that sent base prices tumbling, the head of a trade group believes. Bristol Bay prices typically come in a bit below South Peninsula prices. Wild caught salmon at its best. Additional adjustments: Alaska General Seafoods $.20$ 0.70 Big Creek Seafoods $.05$0.70 Bristol Bay processors typically do not post prices on fish until the season is drawing to a close, but many in the Bay were disheartened when Trident Seafoods recently announced USD 0.60 (EUR 0.53) a pound for sockeye on Alaska’s South Peninsula. Additional adjustments: Alaska General Seafoods $.20$ 0.70 Big Creek Seafoods Big Creek has promised $1.35.$ Coffee Point Seafoods $ Copper River Seafoods $* * *All fish are iced and bled. Alaska salmon LIVE UPDATES: Bristol Bay's sockeye run reaches over 49 million, exceeding predictions Read more Alaska processors are paying fishermen up to 65 cents less per pound so far this season for Bristol Bay sockeye, with dismal foodservice sales worldwide and ongoing issues with coronavirus outbreaks at major processing facilities. Others suggested the BBRSDA bring more domestic or foreign salmon buyers to the region, hire a negotiator on behalf of the fleet, expand custom processing to the direct market and pursue legislation that requires profit sharing. "At the end of the day, these processors have to remain solvent to stay in business and if other operations are not producing as much or profitable or maybe even losing money, then that has to be made up somewhere," Wink said. "Financially, we’re in an ok position to weather this out, and, hopefully, we get back to higher values very soon," Wink said. In addition to depressed foodservice demand, processors have also had to pay a big "risk premium" this year given all the uncertainty. PWS Drift. Just listed 11/22/20. The posted sockeye base price is 48 percent less than last year’s average in Bristol Bay, which was $1.35 (€1.18), not including future price adjustments or bonuses. endobj <> %���� Those came on top of workforce disruptions and a compressed sockeye run which crimped processors’ flexibility to produce different product forms. By subscribing, you agree that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their The group spent 37% of its budget on sustainability projects, 35% on marketing the region’s sockeye, 13% on fish quality projects and a combined 18% on organizational and administrative costs.

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