2 of 10 Being blessed with thick hair is an amazing thing — but caring for it is anything but easy. They have a wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments but if your hair goal is healthy, thick hair, this resistance bain volumifique shampoo is your best friend. The good thing is that there are loads of shampoos that don't use sulfates and other harsh cleansing agents. This yogurt shampoo has a creamy — and more importantly, sulfate-free — formula that will make thick hair shine. It’s formulated with witch hazel and grapefruit to eliminate buildup, so it's a great option for swimmers or people living with hard water because of its ability to gently remove dulling deposits. The enriched coconut oil is blended with this shampoo to give you thick textured hair. If you’re attempting to rehab your damaged hair, pick up Shu Uemura’s Silk Bloom Restorative Shampoo. It has a few standout ingredients like 0% fat cream, cellulose powder and cationic polymers in addition to some Kerastase trademarks such as intra-cylane. For those with thick hair and a sensitive scalp, this fragrance-free shampoo will work wonders to gently cleanse without causing any irritation. First Botany Cosmeceuticals Damage Repairing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, $14, Amazon. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Inforcer Shampoo has a strengthening, anti-breakage formula infused with vitamin B6 and biotin for instant reduction of breakage. If you notice your hair is beginning to break off more than usual, swap out your regular shampoo for a strengthening formula. Control frizz with the Matrix 3Butter Control System Shampoo. This shampoo produces a gentle lather that fully cleanses and removes product buildup and dirt, and is suitable for daily use. If your thick locks are drier than the Sahara desert, it is probably time to switch up your hair care routine. It makes detangling easier, increases manageability, and revitalizes hair that’s been over-processed from straightening treatments, heat styling, and extensions. A Creamy Yogurt Shampoo To Wake Up Thick Hair, An Apple Cider Vinegar "No-Poo" To Nourish Kinky Hair, An Ojon Oil Shampoo That Cures Dryness And Damage, A Grapefruit Shampoo For Brightening Thick, Color-Processed Hair, An All-Natural Shampoo For Retaining Moisture, A Moroccan Oil Shampoo That Makes Curls More Manageable, A Fragrance-Free Shampoo For Those With Sensitive Scalps, A Plant-Based Healing Shampoo For Dull, Lackluster Hair. A hair strengthening shampoo to protect hair prone to breakage. And while nobody here is hating on frizz, most of us can agree that hair is way more manageable when it’s smooth and knot-free. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo, $20, Amazon. Free samples with every order + Free shipping (Orders $39+)! Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Restorative Shampoo, $48.00 MSRP. Redken Clean Maniac Micellar Shampoo, $19.00 MSRP. Obviously, if you have lots of hair, it's going to be more difficult to style. A hair straightening shampoo that prepares hair for smoothing. L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Shampoo, $30.00 MSRP. Matrix Biolage 3Butter Control System Shampoo, $19.00 MSRP. Begin by swapping out your regular shampoo for one that will leave your strands touchably soft. A thick hair hydrator, this Herbal Essences pharmacy shampoo (using its fitting conditioner) was the winner of this GH Beauty Lab’s cleansing shampoo evaluation. While shampoos are good, not any shampoo can work well on thick hair. The cleanser is formulated with pyrithione zinc, peppermint oil, and cucumber extract to help eliminate the recurrence of scalp flaking, scaling, and itching associated with dandruff. Monday - Friday 9:00a.m. When you’ve got a plentiful mane, heat styling your hair can be an all-day event. L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Shampoo, $32.00 MSRP.

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