I’ve steamed the beetroot to prepare beetroot poriyal. This recipe is very handy for bachelors and working women too. 3. If you’re looking for ways to use beetroot, other than in a salad, this nutritious recipe is a must try! Add mustard seeds and let it pop and add split urad dal, curry leaves and green chilli & broken red chillis. ◀Previous Post Next Post Beetroot Poriyal / Beet root Stir fry is one of the easiest and healthiest side dish recipe for rice. ... Add chana dal, Urad dal, mustard and cumin seeds. 2. After the beetroot got cooked, add pressure cooked channa dal and mix well for 2 minutes. 4. Beetroot is one of the nutritious vegetable. Heat a Pan, add oil and heat it. Turn the flame to high and evaporate the excess water if … Beetroot poriyal. Peel the skin of the beetroot and chop then into small pieces. Peeling beets is calming. Pressure Cook the Beetroot and Chana Dal for about 4 - 5 whistles. 6. Beetroot poriyal makes for a very nice side dish. Beetroot Brown Chana side dish or palya is a healthy and nutritious recipe. 1. Not only the color is vibrant it has many health benefits too. My young son has it with rice and calls the dish as pink rice. As said umpteen times I like to make things simple, so here comes a simple Beetroot Daal.I like beets but that's doesn't goes same with DH, he doesn't really like to eat Beetroot Fry.So one day in hurry just added the beets to daal as I had to use the beets before it dies! Its one of his favorites. Before when I was cooking Beetroot palya or poriyal I use to cook only the chopped or grated beetroots to make this palya or side dish rest all the ingredients are same. Beetroot is such a hearty and earthy vegetable. 5. The recipe can be prepared in a jiffy. A generous sprinkling of fresh coconut perfectly complements the natural sweetness of the beetroot, and provides a lovely contrast of colour and texture to the final dish. Whenever I peel beets, I smell the scent of rain on dry earth or மண் வாசனை – manvasanai as we call it in Tamil. Beetroot Poriyal is a South Indian preparation of beetroots, tossed in a simple spice tempering. Beetroot poriyal is very quick and easy recipe. Soak the Chana Dal in warm water for about 30 mins.

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